Faiza Beauty Cream Price, Side Effects and Contact Number Pakistan

Faiza Beauty Cream Price in Pakistan and Dubai

There are hundreds of whitening creams are available in market but Faiza Beauty Cream is more poplar among girls and women. We have collected here information about Faiza beauty cream side effects, ingredients, price and more details. You can also find here information about How to use Faiza beauty cream, does it works, is it safe to use on face and other question.

Faiza Beauty Cream Price

Faiza Beauty Cream claims to by approve by PCSIR and it also gives money back guarantee. It also claims to remove freckles, spots and remove pimples from face and make your more white and beautiful. Price of cream is different in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and other cities of Pakistan.

Product Name


Faiza Miracle Poweder

Rs. 75/-

Faiza Flurish Powder

Rs. 75/-

Faiza Dream Powder

Rs. 75/-

Faiza Acne and Whitening Serum

Rs. 120

Faiza Beauty Cream Large size

Rs. 315

Faiza Freckle Cream

Rs. 135

Bleach Cream

Rs. 135

Face Wash

Rs. 80

Moisturizing Lotion

Rs. 110

Beauty Soap

Rs. 60

Whitenning Soap (for Skin only)

Rs. 60


 Best Cream for Dark Circles

Faiza Beauty Cream Ingredients

Lot of people wants to know Faiza Beauty cream Ingredients. Actually, It is not very easy to know exact ingredient used in this cream because it is a secret. Companies wonít show their formulas to every one. If once its leaked then there is a change other people can make better skin whitening cream than faiza cream.

This beauty cream is not made by a very large group of companies or any multinational company but a local small business. Although you read some essential ingredients on packing of cream but not in detail. There are two ways to know exact amount and what ingredient are used is by examine the cream in any laboratory or company its self can unrevealed the truth.


Faiza Beauty Cream Side Effects

What are Faiza Beauty Cream Side Effects? It depends on ingredients used in face beauty cream, your skin type, food, weather conditions, how much quantity you are using and when? And which other beauty creams or products your are using with Faiza Cream. Keep in mind that every man made things have side effects even medicines made by large pharmaceutical companies also has some side effects and so this beauty cream.

Usually Dermatologists donít recommend these types of skin whitening or beauty cream but most proper way to remove your dark skin, dark circle, acne and other spots is through laser and not but creams. But laser technology is not very cheap its prices are very high every where including Pakistan and it is not available in small cities and towns in Pakistan. So, laser treatment is best option to remove acne, dark circles, spots and wrinkle on eyes and neck etc.


Faiza Beauty Cream Manufacturers Contact Number and Address


Email ID


10 k.m. Alam Chowk, Hafizabad Road, Gujranwala Pakistan

Contact Number


Faiza Beauty Cream Contact Number-

Faiza Beauty Cream Reviews

The onle place where you can read real views of Faiza Beauty Cream by real users is at You can find here lot of reviews and views about this most famous and best beauty cream in Pakistan for skin whitening and beauty.

Lot of people have used this cream for 6 to 8 months and they can really tell your about benefits and side effects of Faiza Whitening beauty cream or is it really works etc. User views vary, some say that this cream is very good and they find results in just few weeks and month in their fair completion. Other says that this skin whitening cream make their skin more white, beautiful and attractive. But there are also some people who have used this cream from months and unfortunately, they donít see any results but side effects.

Some users also have write here about terrible results of cream. Lot of people buy this cream in Pakistan, uk, us and India, Dubai etc. If you are new and is going to use Faiza Beauty Cream then it is recommended to read Faiza Beauty cream review first before buying or applying it on your face.


 How to Use Faiza Beauty Cream?

Here is information about how to apply Faiza beauty cream? This cream is also used as other beauty creams. To get better results you should use this cream before going to bed. Was your face before applying the beauty cream? Now take some cream on your palm and apply on both sides of your face. Donít massage it but apply it gently on spots, freckles and pimples. Was your face in mornings? Use faiza beauty cream regularly to get better and proper results.


Faiza Beauty cream is No.1 in Pakistan and is also used in India, UAE, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, UK and other countries. It is not very expensive but it is cheap and its price is affordable. Anyone can buy it easily. It is available almost every cosmetic and general store in your city. But be careful when buying it. Faiza Beauty Cream has now lot of duplicate in market so keep open your eyes and ask the shopkeeper only for original Faiza Beauty Cream with company sticker on it and its registered number is 242321.

Faiza Beauty Cream Price in Pakistan is almost about Rs.200 to 235 for medium and large size packing-. If you are outside of Pakistan then you can buy it through ebay UK or from supermarkets in your country and it is also available on lot of Shopping areas in Dubai.





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