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When we think about linen in Pakistan then only one name come in our mind and that is Nishat Linen. Almost every woman in Pakistan wants to wear its winter and summer collection because of its unique kinds of colors, designs, stuff and beautiful prints. You can choose and then buy your favourite dresses from Nishat online store and company offer free shipping throughout Pakistan or it also has outlets and stores in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and other cities of Pakistan.

Top and most well equipped and experience designers at Nishat Textiles keep in mind that every design and eve inch of print is perfect matched with other colors and designs and that suits your personality very well. For this reason, people like these designs very much. You can find here small, medium and large size flowers and patterns of summer and winter collection.



Nishat Linen Online eStore

At Nishat Linen online estore you can buy from a large variety of readymade or unstitched dresses for women, men and kids. It is also a famous brand in bed sheets, bags, lowers, wraps etc. Below is the list for its some of most famous products.

  • Nisha

    • Spring Summer 2015/2017

    • Winter Collection


  • Pret

    • Shades of Safari

    • Spring Summer 2015 2017

    • Digital Silk Range

    • Semi Formal

  • winter

    • Winter Collection

  • Kids

    • Winter Wear

    • Princes

      • Spring Summer

      • Eid Range

      • Princes Lowers

      • Winter Collection

  • Fashion

    • Accessories (Eyewear, Key chains, Wrist Watches)

    • Bags (Clutches, Hand Bags)

    • Cases (Sun Glasses, Wrist Watches)

    • Jewellery (Bracelets , Bangles, Earrings, Necklace, Sets, Rings)

    • Sweaters

    • Lowers (Metallic, legging, Trousers, Churidar, Tights)

    • Wraps (Scarves, Shawls for winter)

  • Home Linen

    • Bed Sheets

    • Bridal Set



You can find here best ever dresses for men, women and kids at very reasonable prices. “Nisha” is a brand for women and “Naqsh” is for men. With their dresses you can also buy lot of other daily use accessories from Nishat official website. Whether you are thinking about have a new dress for Eid, wedding, ceremony, casual or any other Nishat has every thing for your for all events. Pakistanis, India and others people living in UK, US, Dubai and many other countries also like to wear latest Nishat Linen dresses and even like for their children, relatives and friends and gift them on special occasions.


Nishat Linen Website

Nishat Linen is introducing its new winter and summer collection and you can see all its design and new prints through its official facebook page or site. You will see some old drawings with mixture of new and trendy prints and some are totally new which we have never seen before from any other textile or designers. Everyone of these is very beautiful with full sleeves of sleeveless, short and long kameez or shirts and Pajamas and Shalwar with matching colors and thing Dupatta. According to your taste and needs you can also further enhance its beauty by some handwork of needle or embroidery on most of these if you are buying unstitched clothes. Whether your body type is slim, normal or overweight, all these prints will suits your personality and makes your more attractive and eye catching.


Nishat Linen Facebook Page

People want to wear dark colors in winters and light colors in summer to fulfil their feelings and Nishat Linen is a place where kinds of dresses are available for all seasons. Summer comes with light yellow, blue, light green and white colours meanwhile in winter red, maroon and black etc. Although market, shops, malls are full of thousands of clothing brands but only few are most famous than others and “Nishat Linen” is one of these. It only gives us what we are looking for according to our needs and taste. Although it is age of competition and every company is trying to attract its customers by giving their best in the market but it totally depends on you that what suits your personality and what not. At beginning of every season, clothing companies brings their best designs and set trends in the market by modeling shows, TV advertisement and through other sources to catch the attention of more customer as they can and thus we can see hundreds of new kinds of designs in shops. Variety is so huge now that choosing and buying a dress takes hours or sometimes even days.



Whether you are from Pakistan or any other country, you can buy Nishat Linen dresses online through its official website or estore or through other online shopping sites. Company offers free home delivery throughout Pakistan. You can check its latest designs and prices. If you talk about quality and beauty of dresses then Nishat is has no match and the best side is that it also has very reasonable prices for all its clothes. If you want to buy Nishat linen online then just explore its official site, go to size chart and read here other information such as store locator, NL Catalogue and finally choose your favourite dress and buy online. You can pay through Visa, MasterCard and delivery id done through TCS and DHL courier service in Pakistan and other countries of the world including Canada, America, UK, Saudi Arabia etc.



Check here latest designs through Nishat Linen Magazine. It is the best place to see lively and exceptional designs. We see a little bit of change each year in Pakistani fashion industry because of our cultural values. All companies including Nishat also consider the importance of Pakistani cultural tradition and we can clearly see this trend in its cloths. You can choose Pret Kurta, Long Kurta and other types of dresses for you and your family. Winter collections are very comfortable to wear and feel. New pattern with small and large texture gives a unique looks. Price range for casual dresses is from R. 2500/- to Rs. 4500/- and it also depends on stuff and design of clothes.



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