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Quick Lose weight is everyone’s dream. But it is very important to know proper ways about “How your dreams come true”. Many of us have plans to start lose weight programs but most of them never begin. Lot of men and women buy new joggers and track suits and goes for walk or to gym every day. Some stress only on diet or some food supplements. Many ladies and gents buy exercise machines but they stop exercising very soon. Reason is that they stress much in starting and take less diet. In result, they never lose weight.

We will tell you that how health and fitness experts give their opinion about how to lose your weight very easily and quickly through simple tasks. This program is consists of 6 easy tips.


6 Tips to lose weight easily


  • Walk daily for 15 minutes. It will not only make you fit but you will better than before. So it is very easy to walk for 15 minutes rather jogging of an hour. It is very task.

  • Always use stairs rather than elevator or lift in shopping malls and offices and if your destination is too high then make combination of both stairs and lift.

  • Exercise at home in hot and cold weather because it could be difficult to go to gym. What exercises are best for you it could be suggest by fitness experts?

  • Drink more water, fresh fruit juices. You can lose 85 calories by mixing water in fruit juices.

  • Don’t reduce much your meals. You can also eat some fast food after some days but avoid too much fries. To do this you can also reduce 300 calories. During eating always use small plates and bowls. Always try to make your meal plates from kitchen and not from dining table. You can eat every thing that is cooked in home but don’t eat much.

  • Sometimes too much dieting and exercise plans also failed due to some mistakes. It is not possible to lose your weight very quickly; it can take weeks or months. You are successful in your plan if you notice some weight loss even a kilo. Never leave your plan, consistency and regularity is the key to success for losing Weight.


Give yourself a prize or gift (perfume, cell phone, dress etc) for losing first Kilogram of your weight. This positive attitude will bring you happiness and good feelings. Don’t fight with yourself to lose weight but be patient and friendly to yourself.


We have gathered here best sources for weight loss diet and foods plans and programs. You can also find here weight loss tips in Urdu, exercise to lose weight, green tea benefits and food chart for weight loss.


Weight Loss Diet and Foods

Be familiar here with quick and easy weight loss tips and diet / food in Urdu language for men, women and girls of all ages. These fast weight loss tips are very easy to lose weight by diet and some easy exercises. Yoga and green tea is also very beneficial in weight loss. Read here about weight loss tips in Urdu. Get knowledge here about your health and other issues for free. This website brings you very easy home made diet and food and simple information to lose weight fast.


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