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 One of the best and fastest way to transfer money in and out of Pakistan. Moneygram is available in all cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Hyderabad, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi. You can also know more about rates, tracking and other information from official website of Moneygram Pakistan.

Moneygram is American base money Transfer Corporation. It was started in 1940. It has network in almost 190 countries including Pakistan. It is one of the fastest way to transfer send and receive money. Moneygram can be found in MCB, Alfalah, Paracha Exchange, and Dollar east. to locate moneygram click on “Find Us”. Select country and then select city and click on find a location.

Now you can see a list of all money gram location in your city. This list has bank name, address, working hours and location map. You can also see here how much fee or total expenses. In just 10 minutes money can be received at any location of the world. You can send money through credit card or bank account also.



Moneygram Branches in Pakistan


Moneygram Lahore Branches


  • HBL Fruit Market

  • Bank alfalah Gulberg III

  • Soneri Bank Allama Iqbal Road

  • MCB Wazir Ali Rd, Upper Mall

  • MCB Bank Davis Rd

  • Bank Al Habib Regal Chowk, Mall Road

  • DD Exchange Company Panorama Shopping Center Mall

  • Habib Metropolitan, Tufail Road, Saddar


 Faisalabad Branches

  • Habib Metroplitan Bank, Susan Road, Faisalabad

  • Bank Alfalah, Lakar Mandi, Faisalabad

  • Wall Street Exchange Company, Kathery Bazar

  • Soneri Bank Chiniot Bazar

  • Bank Al Falah Rail Bazar

  • Wall Street, MS Centre, D Ground, Peoples Colony

  • Paracha Currency Club, Saleemi Chowk



  • Royal Exchange, The Mall Plaza Cannt Rawalpindi

  • Bank Al Falah DHA, Phase IV

  • Habib Betropolitan Bank Raja Bazar

  • Kasb Bank, Chandni Chowk Murree Road

  • Paracha Moon Traders, The Mall 12

  • Bank Islami Pakistan Ltd, Rafay Mall, Peshawar Road

  • MCB Khanna Pul



  • KASB West Razia Sharif Plaza, Jinnah Avenue

  • Umer Enterprises, Anique Arcade Markaz

  • Bank Alfalah Limited, F8 Markaz, Al Babar Centre

  • Sky Exchange, Waheed Plaza, Plot No. 52, B Area

  • Telenor Sales and Service Centre, Commercial Market, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi



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2. When I am looking for the best exchange rate, should I be looking for a higher or a lower rate?

To find the best exchange rate you will be looking for a higher number if you are selling £'s and buying Euros, for example 1.30 Euros is better than 1.25 Euros. Please be aware that it is the opposite round when you're changing foreign currency back to Sterling, read the question below.

3. On some websites they show two prices for each currency, a buy rate and a sell rate, what is the difference?

The sell rate is the lower figure and it means the price at which the company will sell you that currency and buy £'s from you. The buy rate is the price at which the company will buy currency from you and give you £'s in return. A simple way to remember this is you get the lowest figure when you're buying and the highest figure when you're changing foreign currency back to Sterling.

4. When is the best time to buy my currency?

Quite simply, there isn't. There are many factors that cause exchange rates to change, and even the experts cannot say for sure whether an exchange rate will go up or down. Our advice is to buy at a rate you are happy with. If you have some time before you need to change your currency and the rate has just dropped, then you could hold out to see if the rate will improve, however you would be taking a gamble because the rate could drop further.

5. Will the rate vary each day?

Yes. Exchange rates change by the second, however for travel money most companies have a set rate for the day. They decide the rate at the beginning of the day and stick with it until the following day.

6. How much will the rate vary each day?

There is no capped amount as to how much an exchange rate can vary, it is simply a case of supply and demand as to how exchange rates fluctuate. There are various factors which cause rates to increase or drop, such a political instability, interest rates, etc. One example is when the French and Dutch rejected the EU constitution in 2005, this suddenly made the Euro weaker.

7. How do I know if there are any hidden costs?

Things to look out for are handling charges, commission charges and delivery charges. Some companies will have charges for these depending on how much you order, for example if you order less than £500 worth of currency you may incur a handling charges and/or a delivery charge. Commission charges are normally a fixed percentage e.g.  which is not dependent on order value.

8. What are travellers cheques?

Travellers cheques offer you more security than using cash, and are normally supplied in denominations of 50 - e.g. 50 Euros, 50 Dollars, etc. You have your name and a number printed on each one and have to sign them when you get them. If they get stolen or lost then you report it and they will be cancelled by the issuer, and you will be issued with some replacement ones. When you purchase using a travellers cheque you will be given change as you normally would when paying by cash.

9. Can I buy a split of travellers cheques and cash?

Yes. Most companies will allow you to split your order between travellers cheques and cash. We would recommend that you take some cash with you because not all places will accept travellers cheques, for example you'll have to pay by cash if you get a taxi.


 Forex Tips

You planned your holiday don't leave your currency until the last minute

Generally, the later that you leave it, the worse the rates get. By leaving it too late you will be excluding some online services which normally deliver on the next working day, and therefore reducing your options to the high street and airport.


Monitor exchange rates over a period of time

The best thing to do is check the rate of exchange well before you are due to travel and keep an eye on any movements. Exchange rates change daily and if the rate starts to drop then you might want to buy before it falls any further, on the other hand if the rate is getting better then you could be better off waiting for it to peak.


Use the internet to shop around use comparison sites like this one

Don't go to the big banks or wait until the airport or port where you get poor rates and high commission charges. You are spoilt for choice using the internet to find somewhere to buy your travel money, so take advantage and use a comparison site so you can make considerable savings by hunting for the best rate. There are specialist travel money companies, banks, travel agents and the Post Office all providing travel money services.


Is commission-free really free of commission?

Although most services state that their travel money is commission-free it's not entirely true. All the companies that offer a travel money service are making money every time someone buys from them. They buy currency for one price and sell for another, and make their money on the difference. Look at the total cost of the deal.


Internet, High Street or Airport?

It's more likely that you'll find the best exchange rates on the internet, and most websites allow you to order online by credit or debit card and they will deliver the next working day for free. Buying on the High Street is the next best thing if you're in a hurry, but the rates are likely to be worse than you'll find online, and try to avoid buying your currency at the airport as this will definitely cost you alot more.


Beware of withdrawing cash or paying on your card when you're abroad

Some banks will charge you every time you withdraw cash from an ATM machine abroad, and some may simply give you a bad rate of exchange for cash withdrawals and purchases - however you may not find that out until you've got your bank statement. Our advice is to check what your bank will charge for using your card abroad and how they calculate the exchange rate, prior to going on holiday. Look at our choice of card providers for the best deals.


Exchanging any left over currency when you get back

If you've got any of your travel money left over when you get home then the same applies as when you bought it - shop around. If you've only got a small amount of currency then it won't really matter, otherwise check the rates. Again, avoid the airport, the high street will probably be your best bet, but you might be able to find a better service online.


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