Pakistan History, Culture and Tourism


Pakistan is a rich culture country in every aspect of life including social, religious and other parts of life. We have different kind of cultures in Pakistan. It is mainly separated by provinces and by languages. Village is different than cities and towns. Shalwar Kameez is our culture dresses and there is also folk culture music and other events such as lok melay or mela, these events can be seen all over Pakistan through Peshawar to Karachi. We have gathered some best sites related to Pakistani culture.



Official website of Ministry of culture government of Pakistan. There are many responsibilities of culture divisions but most important is arts and culture educations support such as culture dancing etc. Art galleries and institutions can contact for further help and assistance.  It also cooperates with other countries in its related field. One of its task is to direct the film industry of Pakistan.



Pakistan has culture of  different religions and ancient values. Some times Buddhist rules this area and other times Hindus and Sikhs and then Muslims. So you can find here tombs, churches and mosques in same areas. Art and crafts, jewellery and dresses of this area is from Persian, Arabic, mughals and Indians and local people part of life. Classical music and dance is very rare now a days but we should preserved our history so that our new generations can see live their culture but not in only books and pictures. Pakistani and Indian foods are much the same especially roti or chappati, daal, puri, samosa or pikora are same liked in both countries.



There are many kinds of cultural festival or mela ( religious, cultural etc) celebrated in Pakistan. Some religious festivals that these are  much famous and celebrated are 14 shabaan or shab e baraat, eid and bakra eid are most famous and biggest days in Muslim life and in Pakistan too. Muslim and other minorities also celebrate these days. Sibi is very hot place but it is famous for its traditional local cultural mela. In sindh  a horse and cattle show is arranges in Jacob Abad in February. In the same month a mela is arranges in larkana too, traditional games and local art and crafts and folk music is celebrated in this festivals. Basanat is very famous in Pakistan and all over world. Basant is enjoyed now in every city of Punjab but biggest festival of basant is arranged in Lahore. Kite flying is main event of this day. Thousand of people come into Lahore to join this from all over country and abroad too. There are many other culture festivals arranged in other cities of Pakistan. Just visit this site to know more.


Below are some of best Pakistani Culture sites links: