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Constipation Home Remedies

Women and men who are suffering from constipation or Qabz. This website bring you easy home made tips and remedies to cure constipation. Eat foods that are full of fiber such as cereals, breads, green vegetables and fruits. Make it habit of daily intake. Drink lot of water in summer and winter. Water is solution to many problems or your body. Last important thing is to exercise on daily basis. It would be helpful to reduce constipation.


Constipation (Qabz) Treatment and Cure in Urdu

Read here symptoms and treatment of constipation in Urdu. Know here constipation home made remedies in Urdu. This website also present more health tips.


Daimi Qabz ka Desi Ilaj

Noor Clinic is a famous website of Pakistan. You can ask here question and find answers about your health in Urdu. It also presents Constipations Qabaz treatment in Urdu. If you have problem of constipation then take 2 table spoon of Isabgol in glass of milk daily. It can reduce constipation problem very quickly.


Constipation Causes

These are common causes of constipation or Qabaz. Lack of water consumption, traveling, pregnancy, medicines, insufficient fiber in foods and some others. Know more and to read every cause in detail by visiting this website.


A lot of people can get afflicted with constipation for a number of reasons. Because this condition brings such discomfort, many look to purgatives or other similar kinds of medication. However, there is no need to use artificial remedies. Constipation can be alleviated through natural means such as a change in diet or in lifestyle. Here are some things a person can do to get rid of constipation.


Eat Healthy


As food is the main cause of constipation, it is also the best solution. Food that is high in fiber is great for keeping the digestive system going. Examples of this are vegetables, especially when eaten raw; fruits and fruit products such as figs, prunes and raisins; and food that has grains in it such as bran cereal and whole-grain bread. Flax meal can also be added on different kinds of food for more fiber.


Of course, this doesn’t mean that the food eaten should be limited to those that are fiber-rich. In general, it helps to have a healthy diet over all. It should include other nutritious food. Also, the food should be eaten slowly and chewed well so that it is digested properly.


While there are types of food that can aid with digestion, there are also those that can cause constipation. The most common of all are milk and other dairy products. Also, food that produces a lot of gas when digested is also likely to cause constipation. Finally, foods that have a lot of cholesterol such as fried food and red meat should be minimized as well.


Drink a Lot


The body needs water and other fluids for the digestive system to work properly.


Constipation may be caused by dehydration, so it is important to drink a sufficient amount of these liquids. People should drink a minimum of eight ounces of water in one day. It is also a good habit to drink a few cups of warm liquid in the morning, as this can facilitate digestion as well. Aloe Vera Juice is also good for the body because aside from helping with hydration, it has properties that can aid in cleaning and healing certain parts of the digestive system, making it work better. Also, it is natural so it can be taken as much as two times a day.




Physical activity is important to the body, and in this case, it can contribute to having good digestion. With exercise, particularly the kinds that exercise the muscles in the abdomen, the muscles in the intestines are also induced to function. This makes it easier for the body to digest food, preventing constipation. It is not completely necessary to undergo intensive exercises. What’s important is that the exercise routine is easily maintained. Walking is great because it works many vital muscles, but it is also easy to do because it does not require too much effort.


Go When You Need To


The body has ways of telling a person if there is something that he/she needs to do. With defecating, the signals are pretty straightforward and easy to feel. If there is an urge to defecate, the person should do so as soon as possible. Suppressing this urge may lead to constipation.






Pomegranate Benefits


Pomegranate is one of the best blessings from God. It is said that pomegranate is fruit from heaven. It is a wonderful plant. There are medical benefits to all its components, including fruit. Its fruit is full of nutrient and is also a completely medical food. It has large amounts of glucose and various vitamins. There is plenty of Thiamin, carbs, protein, calcium, iron magnesium, phosphorus, vitamins (A, B12, K) and others found in it.

Pomegranate juice is a refreshing diet, which is very useful in heart diseases, Qabz, Constipation, Blood and other body organs. Sweet pomegranate is very good to get rid of constipation. Some sour pomegranates are useful for the stomach swelling and heart pain. Pure pomegranate juice is used to treat dyspepsia. For patients suffering from diarrhea or nausea 50 grams of pomegranate juice is the best natural treatment. Health benefits of pomegranate had been accepted in Allopathic, Homeopathic, Ayurvedic for treatment of Physical weakness, anemia, jaundice, blood pressure, blood piles, pain in bones and joints. Honey with pomegranate juice decreases effects of biliousness.

Pomegranate has variety of flavors in different parts of the world sweet, sour and mix flavored. Some pomegranates have not any lumps are very small amount. It also has variety of colors. Pomegranates have variety of seeds colors including white, red, pink, purple and saffron. One of the best flavored pomegranates is from Kabul. Then other good types are found in India, Pakistan, Turkey, Morocco, Spain and Syria. Boil root of pomegranate in water and drinking this water will cure worms in stomach.  Take some leaves of pomegranate and dry these in shade and mix with honey after grind these. Taking these mixture pills will treat cold and flue from heat. Drop few drops of pomegranate juice into nose to stop nose bleeding. You can treat mouth blisters by gargling with sore juice.





What is Quinoa?


Many of us think that Quinoa is whole grain. But actually it belongs to the family of the seed. You can prepare lot of recipes from quinoa as you cook different dishes of rice and other grains. Its salads are also very popular in US, Japan, UK and Australia. It is very soft, cooked early and digested very fast. Quinoa flour is good for diabetes and weight loss and skin.

You can buy it in different shapes like uncooked, flour, pasta, seeds and breads. Rinse quinoa before cooking for better taste. You can find it all major grocery stores. It is available at walmart and other supermarkets. Its prices are high compare to rice and wheat because it is cultivated on large scales.


Quinoa Recipes


Quinoa is very easy to cook.  You can prepare best recipes and cook it with chicken and vegetables. Kids also like to eat it in breakfast. You can make it in crock pot, cooker. Boil it, fry or use any other method, it would give separate taste. Quinoa flour is used in pancakes, banana breads, cookies, muffins, tortillas and pizza dough. It will take 17 to 20 minutes to cook one cup of quinoa.


Quinoa Salads


There is lot of recipes to make quinoa salads. You can also make Greek, Mediterranean, southwest, red and Mexican quinoa salads. You can also add fruits, black berries, kale, avocado, spinach, lentils and beans. Just experiment according to your taste.




Quinoa is many health benefits for men, women and kids. Doctors have proved that it is very useful for skin, weight loss, hair, diabetes and others. It is protein rich easy to cook food. It has also lot of fibers in it which is definitely useful to lose weight. Eating quinoa would make you more active because you are eating lot of iron.  Lysine in it builds our tissues and change fats into energy. Quinoa is also good for blood vessels, bones, teeth and control blood sugar.


Cooked Quinoa Nutrition Facts


Per 100 grams serving

Calories: 365

Carbs: 65

Fat: 6.5

Protein: 15

Fibers: 7.5

Starch: 51



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