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 Constipation Home Remedies

Women and men who are suffering from constipation or Qabz. This website bring you easy home made tips and remedies to cure constipation. Eat foods that are full of fiber such as cereals, breads, green vegetables and fruits. Make it habit of daily intake. Drink lot of water in summer and winter. Water is solution to many problems or your body. Last important thing is to exercise on daily basis. It would be helpful to reduce constipation.

Constipation (Qabz) Treatment and Cure in Urdu

Read here symptoms and treatment of constipation in Urdu. Know here constipation home made remedies in Urdu. This website also present more health tips.

Noor Clinic is a famous website of Pakistan. You can ask here question and find answers about your health in Urdu. It also presents Constipations Qabaz treatment in Urdu. If you have problem of constipation then take 2 table spoon of Isabgol in glass of milk daily. It can reduce constipation problem very quickly.

Constipation Causes

These are common causes of constipation or Qabaz. Lack of water consumption, traveling, pregnancy, medicines, insufficient fiber in foods and some others. Know more and to read every cause in detail by visiting this website.

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