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WE have gathered here some best sites that offer free online debates in Urdu and English. You can also find here list of debates topics or speech topics. It is very easy to find here debate/speech from huge list of topics.

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You can find here hundreds of new debate topics in alphabetical order. List including all topics including medical, humanities, social, science, IT. You can not only view list of speech topic buy also full contents of debates. Debate is one of the largest website on the net that have huge collection of speeches/debates.

Find here some best debate topics in English for school kids, high school and college students.

You can choose hundreds of different topics for your speech and debates but it actually depends on you knowledge on that topic, you level of education and some other factors. You should focus current situation of country. Here is list of best debate funny, Islamic, Science, Medical topics both in English and Urdu.


 Best Urdu Speeches in Written Form


Aqal Barri k Bhains 

 عقل بڑی ک بھینس

TV or Internet ka Bachon par Assar

 ٹی وی اور انٹرنیٹ کا بچوں پر اثر

Har mard Ki kamiyabi k peche aurat ka haath 

مرد کی کامیابی کے پیچھے عورت کا ہاتھ

Her Shakh pay Olu Baitha hey

ہر شاخ پے اُلو بیٹھا ہے۔

Sitaron sey agay Jahan aur bhi hain  ۔

ستاروں سے آگے جہاں اور بھی ہیں

Pakistani Jamhoriat Wrong Number Hey

پاکستانی جمہوریت رانگ نمبر ہے۔

Co Education key faiday aur Nuqsanaat 

کو ایجوکیشن کے فائدے اور نقصان

Freedom of speech

آزادی رائے کی اہمیت


New Debate Topics in Urdu for College Students

  • ہوم ورک پر پابندی ہونی چاہیے۔

  • یونیورسٹی کی تعلیم بالکل فری ہو۔

  • انٹرنیٹ کا فائدہ سے زیادہ نقصان

  • سکول یونیفارم پر پابندی ہو





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