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This site is totally devoted for dreams or khawab and tabeer interpretations. You can find here khawab nama, Hikayat by famous men, Khawabon ki qismain or drams types and contact with site. You can read here dreams interpretations by a dream book.


Islamic Urdu Kahwabon ki Tabeer


This is the best place to get complete information about “Khawabon ki Tabeer in Urdu with Islamic point of view. You will also know here tabeer of old dreams. There are different types of dreams according to timings of night, type and shape. There are also some conditions and situations of the person who are dreaming. Know more about marriage, animal, running, children and other types of khawabs or dreams.


Islamic Dream Interpretation


A dream is a series of imagery, sound or feelings that the brain practice at some stage in sleep. The substance and reason of dreams are not completely identified, despite the fact that they have been a topic of conjecture and significance all over proofed history. The methodical study of dreams is well-known as oneirology. Find here Dream interpretations in Urdu according to Islam. Khawabon ki tabeer in Urdu in the light of Islam.




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