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Learn here how to drive a manual or automatic car, a motorcycle in step by step instruction. Some website also offers driving tutorials and tips in Urdu. Check out these for more details.

Net is full with thousands of sites that claims to provides best video tutorials on How to drive a car (manual and automatic) but we have chosen only best out of these form where you can really learn quickly with perfect to to the point tips. Many of these also guides you about how to pass driving test and get license in first attempt.


Driving Test Tips and Tutorials

A complete and best site if you are in search of question like “How to Drive a Manual Car”, Driving license, lessons and much more about this topic. Driving any vehicle is not very difficult task but any one can do it very easily by some good tutor and practical experience. Everyone should know this skill whether you own a car or not because it is necessary these days for everyone including females and males.

But keep in mind that if you want to drive a car on public roads then you must have learner or LTV license or else you will be in trouble. So during learning process, apply for your license which has a fee and you will get it in few weeks. Don’t just learn only steering driver but understand some of its inner parts system, how engine works and how to fix some big problems such as wheel changing and more that you will need any where, any time during traveling.


How To Drive Step By Step

Another perfect place to learn driving cars step by step. Here you will learn everything not only just by text but by example pictures which will make it very easy for every one to understand situation quickly and you are seeing what you are reading about. It has slide shows that you have to read. It is recommended that observe and read it few times to understand completely and remember it always in real situations. Come on road with your vehicle only when you are complexly trained and have a license because it is not a game that you can take another chance or reload the whole game. But in real life there is no reload or extra chance.



Daily Motion is most famous site for videos after Youtube. You can find here lot of video tutorials about how to drive a car manually with or without instructor. Learning driving by watching videos is one of the best options you can use but don’t just depends only one thing but also learn it from other sites as well to make yourself perfect drivers before going to roads. However just watch a video and practical has a big difference. Drive practically as many hours as you can on different situations with good instructors. Never forget that “Practice makes the man perfect”.


Tutorials in Urdu

Bzu pages bring you a very useful tutorial. It is all about how to drive a car. Full tutorial is in Urdu language with pictures and details. It guides you step by step instructions. Read here about gear, hand break, clutch, break, race. people who feel comfortable in Urdu Lanuage then it is best place for those kind of fellows.


Driving Tips presents an article about how to drive a car in fog. It is very difficult to driving a car in fog areas including motorway. It is quite different to drive a vehicle in fog rather than in normal conditions. Know more about cars including buy, sell, parts, license, used and new vehicle etc in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and others areas of Pakistan.


Learn Driving Quickly

Learn here step by step tutorial on how to drive a manual or automatic car. You can also find here tips about learning it quickly on road. Pak Auto Car is another Pakistani site with lot of material about related topics.


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