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10 tips of Pregnancy

Read here in Urdu about how to get pregnant. This site presents 10 tips or ways to get pregnant fast. Here how to get pregnant videos, pictures, images and other materials about this topic.


Get Pregnant Fast

Noor Clinic presents an article about best tips about ďHow to get Pregnant fast. It also presents other articles such as Pregnancy symptoms, best time to get pregnant, ovulation, fertility issues etc.


5 Tips for Pregnancy

This website gives complete information about how to get pregnant. It also gives answers of questions such as what are symptoms of pregnancies, pregnancy test, procedure to check positive or negative pregnancy test. This site also guides us how not to get pregnant or how to prevent pregnancy.


You can get here all the information such as pregnancy week by week. Some sites also provide pregnant woman delivery videos and pictures. You can also find information here about pregnancy symptoms test in Urdu. It is very important to learn for a woman what are early sign and symptoms of pregnancy. First time pregnancy is something new and strange for woman. But by visiting these sites you can complete information about what is pregnancy and all other related topics.

Understand here pregnancy stages week by week. There are normally 40 weeks of pregnancy divided into 3 stages. Week one to four, week fifteen to twenty six and week twenty seven to forty. Woman realized in week 3 or 4 whether they are pregnant or not by some symptoms and signs of pregnancy. Learn more by visiting the site.

Read here 10 tips that can make woman pregnant faster. These tips and trick can be very useful for women who want early pregnancy.  



Lot of women suffers nausea and vomiting during pregnancy especially at night. They try many remedies and tips to avoid this situation but all goes in ineffective. Anyhow, Some German Doctors have found its easy and simple treatment. Answer of question (How to deal with) is very plain and effortless now.  Women with pregnancy nausea now donít have to visit doctors or they now donít need to take any medicines to cure vomiting in this situation.


President of German Gynecologist organization says that women who feel nausea and vomiting during pregnancy should eat small meals 6 times a day. Doctor also said that pregnant women should eat in smaller amounts, chew well, this will help digest food properly and quickly. Besides this they should eat their favorite foods. There are lot more possibilities of nausea and vomiting if they donít eat foods which they like, so these foods should be avoided. According to Experts of Gynecology, symptoms and signs of nausea and vomiting are immense especially in early morning but could be any time during day or night. Symptoms of nausea arise mostly during 6 to 14 weeks of pregnancy. Women get relief after 14 week gradually. Doctors also say that if signs are not intense then patient should not admitted in hospitals. This illness has been observed in 2 to 4 percent women and they not need special medical treatment.


You can get rid of nausea by eating foods with more glucose and starch. But try to stay away from foods with fats, acidity and smell of cooked foods. Sense of smell play very critical role during nausea and vomiting throughout pregnancy.

 If you have constant nausea then you should see your doctor immediately.







How to Live Happy


Someone find happiness through little achievement and some people are not happy after finding biggest treasures of world. So, to be happy or unhappy is directly related with your inner and outer conditions. How we take our outer conditions is main thing. Important question is that is it possible to learn happy or unhappy? Everyone is in search for the answer of this question including artists, scientist, philosopher and writer etc. a famous stage comedian says that she share pleasure and happiness with out any fear of loss. She loves her work. She makes people happy and also teaches laugh.  Laughter is best treatment to reduce stress, disappointment, anxiety and tension during pregnancy period or normal days. This world is full of sadness, problems and diseases and in this situation if human forget to laugh then make it sure that anyone donít like this world for a single moment.

A business tycoon in UAE is also an expert of laughter Yoga. He says that you feel multiple happiness if people laugh together. He is arranging laughter yoga workshops for last 8 years. He conducts laughter yoga classes or sessions 2 times in each month in Dubai and Sharjah. According to him it is necessary to be happy when you are feeling sadness. You can reduce your sadness and tensions through laughter. You have to laugh if people around you are laughing. He also said that ďIt is possible to get happiness through YogaĒ. Pleasure is inside our heart and spirit but we donít know it often and search it outside. Yoga purpose is to bring together your inner and outer. We live happy if we are satisfied with ourselves. In this situation we have to find our most important need. Pleasure could be achieved if we live our lives according to traditions and values.

Blessed are those who are satisfied with what they have. But to get more we must try and struggle. Here are some tips on ďHow to live happy life?Ē

  1. Try to avoid meaningless time passing and also loans.

  2. Donít forget to laugh and donít put responsibility of your worst condition on your parents but on yourself.

  3. Always think positively (success) and optimistically before starting any task.

  4. Forget your past mistakes without regret and look forward.

  5. Do tiny things that can make your life better and avoid your past mistakes.

  6. Make optimistic and hopeful people your friends and avoid disappointed people who encourage you and advise you about importance of life.

  7. Never blame or curse yourself on failure but try again with more passion.

  8. Try to change yourself if needed and donít complaint every time.


Joy and sorrow walk together in life, most of us need some motivational and inspiring words to life a happy life. We must learn to live in each condition. It directly affects our health if we always think about problems and failures. We can avoid many self made troubles if we learn to face problems. Now research has proved  that hopeful and happy people longer and healthy life. Their life looks full of joy and happiness. Laughter is sign of health life. People who share their joys with others also live joyful and satisfied life. Disappointment, regrets and frustration can create mental disorders.

Women are more sensitive and also accept effects of problems of life more quickly. If you are facing some kind of problems today, then it is not necessary that time would not change but always make hope for good days in future. A latest research on health says that hopeful women and men live longer life than hopeless. These kinds of people participate in all social activities and this makes them healthier mentally and physically. They can control their mental stress and troubles more effectively.

Disappointment can increase more troubles. Bad health conditions are natural fact in hopeless and frustrated people. Desperate people can think even about end of life. We can feel light after telling someone about our problems and worries. A research in Michigan University proved that husband and wife find long life that takes care of each other. Scientist research that when husband and wife are in happy mood, it can low their high blood pressure and mental stress. In addition, it also boosts immune system. Depression and high blood pressure in days of pregnancy are both today very common in every part of the world. Regular fight and arguments between husband and wife can ruin health. Today many husbands and wives are unhappy with each other.  Try to tolerate each other faults and avoid mistakes. We will live happy if we learn to ignore. Try this and you would find your home an example of paradise. Research has proved that happy married couples live 36% more life than unhappy.   







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