Islamic / Hijri Calendar 2017



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Islamic Calender 2017

It presents Islamic Calendar for free. See here Today Islamic Date.  Islamic or Hijri Calendar is used by Muslims according to lunar period. It also has twelve months and 355 or 354 days in an Islamic year. Islamic month is started at seeing of moon. First month of Islamic year is Muharram and last is Zul Hujj. You can download here Islamic calendar for free.



get here complete information about Islamic months and Islamic calendar. In Islamic Calendar months are of 29 or 30 days. It depends on the new moon. Moon year is less than 10 year from solar year. Islamic Months are Muharram, Safar, Rabi ul Awwal, Rabi ul Sani, Jamadi ul Awal, Jamadi ul Sani, Raja, Shaaban, Ramzan, Shawal, zi qaad and Zul Hajj.



You can find here Islamic dates with months names, years. This Hijri calendar is compatible with Makkah calendar. It also has a online date conversion tools where you can change Gregorian to Hijri dates. Islamic find also has prayer timings, directory, knowledge, Islamic Photos. You can also download here Azan / Athan.




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