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We have given here some best sites where your can find all Muslim books and other items such as software, dvds, and cds. These books are available in these languages, Urdu, English, Arabic, French and Spanish. This site provides all details of every book such as book code, Title, author, Description, total pages, size and price. Just click the book title to purchase it. You can select other categories too like children series, Quran e Kareem, hadith, Aqeedah, religions, Fiqh etc.

Maktaba Maariful Quran is an Online 1Q||Islamic Books Store from where you can buy every kind of Islamic books. Moulana Muhammad Taqi Usmani and his sons have started this site for those who want to purchase Islamic books. You can buy books here with credit card and other methods. Website also offers free online books to read, listen or download. 50 percent discount on every book that you’ll purchase through this site. Listen live bayans of Moulana Taqi usmani every Sunday after Asar. You can also listen here online radio here. Fatwa forum is also section of this site. Download here Islamic audio and videos. See here Darul Aloom map. Know about authors and writers of books.                    


Islamic History Books

Islamic History starts from Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). It is full of Heroes like Sahaba e Karam and lot of others in every century. You can read or download Islamic history books from these sites.

Free Islamic Urdu books to download in   pdf format. Just click on author name and read or download books. Some of famous authors are Moulana Muhammad Taqi usmani, Mufti Nizamuddin Shamzai, Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi and more. Other topics covered in this site are speeches, Tilwat e Quran, Hamd and Naat section. Islamic Poems and Duain, Zikr o Azkar etc.

Islami Kitab Ghar is an Islamic book store and publishers. You an buy online books here at very reasonable prices. All these books are available in other language as well. Get details of any books and see the image. Just a single click and you can purchase these books.

Visit the site for Islamic Urdu and English books read online. There are 61 books written in Urdu language is available here. Media library is also section of this website. Islamic article are also accessible in this site. Learn 6 Kalmas now through this site. Question and answers about Islamic events such as Muharram, Rajab, Shaban Rmzan, eid, Bakra eid etc.




Download here free Islamic Books. You can find here list of Tfaseer in Urdu, English, Urdu and Hindi Islamic Books. Some of these books titles are Tauheed aur Rasaalat, Asma ul Husna, Sood, Islami Riyasat and many others.





Free Urdu Books online

We have collected site from where you can download free e books in Urdu and English.  These books are on different topics such as Islam etc. These e books are free to every one in pdf and other formats sot that you can save on your computer for later use. Visit the page and enjoy.

Download here free e books from collection of thousand books of all subjects. This website offers thousand of free magazines and e books to download from a largest collection of latest ebooks on world wide web. Just visit the site and download any book for you choice for free and enjoy.

This is HEC national digital library called DL. You can download here all ebooks and research work from Pakistan universities and international universities. It provides almost fifty thousand ebooks to read free. Visit the site to download or read free e books.

This website provides all free e books to download. Google free e books are also available here. Books are categorized in Urdu books, computer and music books and magazines or English books. You can also download free Urdu e books from a large collection.





6 Kalimas


Get here information about 6 kalimas with English and Urdu Translation or even you can download in mp3, pdf, audio to your mobile phones and computers. In many Islamic countries 6 Kalimas are part of Islamic Curriculum and Islam books in Schools and children have to learn all these from First to Sixth Kalima.

First Kalima

Kalima and Their Names

  • First Kalima : Tayyabah

  • Second Kalima: Shahaddat

  • Third Kalima: Tamjeed

  • Fourth Kalima: Tauhid

  • Fifth Kalima: Astaghfar

  • Sixth Kalima: Radd e Kufr


6 kalimas with English translation

You can find here 6 kalimas in Arabic with English Translation and text. You can also listen here audio version of any Kalima. We should memorized these all and also try to understand its meaning in your native language whether in English, Hindi or Urdu.


All 6 Kalimas of Islam with English meaning

This site gives us lot of information about many topics of Islam such as How to perform Wudu, how to offer Salah or namaz, Funeral Prayers, Eid, 6 kalimas, Specials Duas in Ramadan and 5 pillars of Islam. It also offers courses of Quran Reading and Translation, Hifz e Quran through Online Tutor for UK and other Countries.


Download 6 Kalimas in PDF

You can download 6 Kalimas in pdf format and safe all these in your mobile phone and PCs. This Includes all information including Kalma number, name, Arabic with Urdu and English meaning/Translation and English text.


6 Kalima in Arabic

6 kalimas are basic beliefs of a Muslim. All Muslim should obey and learn these Kalimas. Try to memorized all these and understand in your native language. Children should be taught all these from there early childhood.



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