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Find here Muslim Baby boys and girls names with Urdu meanings.

Boys Islamic Names

Prophet Muhammad  (PBUH) liked names of all prophets and specially Abdullah and Abdul Rehman. A baby should be given a pleasant and well meaning name. On the Day of Judgment everyone will be called with her/her name. Some says that name has deep effect on ones life. So explore here excellent name for your child with good meanings.

 This website offers Islamic names in Urdu and English meaning for girls and boys. Islamic name for Baby Boy and Girls in alphabetic order. Just click on any name and a page will open that you tell you all the details including Urdu and English spellings with gender, actual origin, translation and meanings and details. This website is one of the best sites on the net with largest collection of Pakistani baby names. You can search here girls and boys baby names with English and Urdu meanings. Site has list for boys, girls, twins names. Website also planning to add more names for Muslims.

A nice place to visit for baby girls and boys Urdu names. This site has two separate sections. One is for boys names and other is for girls. Site has a single page for all names in alphabetical order. List has Serial number, name and meaning (meanings is in English but not in Urdu).

This is one of the unique types of website. It provides list of baby boy and girls names list for in urdu, English etc. Explore this site for a huge collection of baby names with meanings. New and modern names for girl and boys are available here.

Just click on any alphabet to see list of names starting with this alphabet with meanings. This website offers two different lists for boy and for girls. List has names for  Muslim and for others.


Girls Islamic Names

Visit the site and you will find here a nice easy to use Muslim names data base. This site has find search box for names. Just type a name in box and  you will see its meaning with  Urdu name or search through pages that have names list a to z both for males and females. names.php has a large collection of Muslim boys and girls baby names with Urdu and English meanings with lucky numbers. A great site for parents who are in search for names of their kids with Urdu meanings. Some names have more than one meanings in this database.

This website is a good source for Islamic names and meanings. Parents give their child first gift as a name. One must take big care in chosen names. It must be lovely and with nice meanings. Site has list of names with Urdu and English and meanings  for both boys and girls.

If you are in search of a large name list then you must stop here for a while because this site has a long list of names of males and females with their meanings. You can start by giving kids beautiful sweet , meaningful, Islamic name, which is full of Allah’s blessings.

Dua in Urdu and Hindi


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