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 Find here correct prayer or Namaz Timings in all cities of Pakistan or world including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Multan, Dubai etc. Prayer on time is much better than Qaza Namaz.



This website is updated on regularly basis. You can find here prayer timings schedule for whole month or whole year for all Namaz Fajr, Zohar, Asar, Maghrib and Isha. You can also find here sunrise timings on daily basis. Also download here Azan software for your mobile. Azan would automatically start on time. This website also gives information about articles about Islam, Quran, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Biography, Hajj and Umrah. Know here How to pray? You can also find here Islamic Hijri Calendar and photos.

Islamic City bring you prayer timings for all world, all countries and cities. Just select your desired country and city to see correct timings of today. This website is also a complete source for Islam. It also presents other information about Islam such as Pillars of Islam, History, Mosque locator, Quran search, recitation of Quran and download.





Download Azan

Download here azan software. Through this software you can hear Azan 5 times a day at accurate prayer time. Select Azan of Makkah, Madina and Al Aqsa. This site also provides Hijri Islamic Calendar and Direction of Qibla. azan

Download azan for mobile. You can download here other Islamic software and azan for free. Prayer times for all countries are also available here. You can listen azan automatically at local prayer timings 5 time in a day. You can also get here Qibla Direction Software. View here Islamic Hijri Calendar. You can customized azan timings with your local mosque azan times. Also know how much time is left in next prayer.


Azan Meanings

Understand here Azan words and meanings of Azan in details. It is very important to understand words of Azan so that when you hear words of Azan, keep in mind meanings.

This site is a great source to understand words of Azan with complete meanings. You can also learn here delivery of Azan, proper way of saying Azan, Dua after Azan and Rules of Azan.


Azan for Mobile

Download here Azan for Mobiles. You will hear Azan automatically at fix prayer time. Aza / Athan / Adhan can be downloaded for cell phones, blackberry, Symbians and others. It if totally free software. It also has other features like Qiblah Direction, Islamic Calendar. It can by played on all java Enabled phone.




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