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 Quran Explorer

It is one of the best places on the net where you can read Holy Quran with Translation in Urdu, English, French, Malaysian, Spanish and Turkish. To translate any Surah just selects Surah name and translation language. Audio is also played automatically with settings option including verses repletion, colors of fonts and gap between verses. You cal listen audio in voices of world famous recitation of Quran including Mishari Rashid, As Sudays and many others.


Quran Urdu in mp3

This website is very simple to use. Actually it is a list of Surah from Quran. You can listen after downloading in mp3. Just select Surah name and listen online. This website also has other materials such as Quran Hindi, Pashto and Urdu Translation. It also presents Tafseer in Urdu. Sahi Muslim and Sahi Bukhari is also found here.


Urdu Translation of Quran

This website required an Urdu plug-in to listen Quran with Urdu translation and tafseer. Pages are scanned images and are written by hand. Other sections of website includes Ahadees, naat, Kalmay, Durood Sharif and Doa.


MP3 Audio Quran with Urdu

Al- Quranic has collection of Audio Quran in mp3 format. Recitation by As Sudais and As Shuraim. Before listening you can also see length and size of Surah.



Quran is Holy book Muslims and is most read book in the world. It was originally written in Arabic but is now available in many languages of World like Urdu, Hindi, English, German, French, Chinese, Pushto, Persian etc. Download it in mp3 or read it online with its translation.

Very easy to use website for Quran Majeed. You can read or listen here Quran Shareef by Parah, or slected Surah and a page will open with urdu translation. You can also download any Quran verse or any Surh and manzil. This site is made by Quran Assan Tehreek. Know more about this threek by visiting this site or by phone, mailing address or by mail.

If you visit this website then you have to download Urdu plug-in. But you donít have to go anywhere for that this site provides you Urdu plug-in. Find here Quran Majeed in Arabic with Urdu and English translation. Audio of Quran is in voices of famous Shiekh Sudais and Sheikh Shurame of Makkah. You can listen same verse or surah in Urdu or English languages.

This website is related to Malik Ehsan ul-Haq. He has write and delivered many lectures on Quran Topics. You can listen and watch his speeches and learn Quran majeed. These all are Sunday Quran classes. You can find here complete list of his classes and speeches.

Listen Quran Sharif. Translation is in Urdu and English by Ahmad Raza Khan Brailvi. Read here Quran Majeed available all parah or you can listen Quran in mp3. This website basically a full Islamic website. It offers other Islamic topics etc. You can download or read many Islamic books etc.

This website offers online Quran Tutors. Theses all lessons are arranges by skilled Quran Majeed tutors. Arabic, English and Urdu lessons, recitation and tafseer are available here. All tutors are qualified from famous Islamic universities and they help everyone in free. Anyone can learn Quran from them free. Weekly courses are available here so that student can learn very easily.

famous Quran company taj. You can view here Quran majeed printed by Taj Company. Price is also available here. Select here from a list such as Quran majeed in Arabic text, sipara set, Holy Quran with translation, with tafseer, with tajweed, Hadees books, Quida and separate Surah and other Islamic books. Find here taj company contact in all over Pakistan.

You can learn Quran now very easily through this software at your home or anywhere. Children will love to use this software. It is in fact a Quran Tutor and it was started in 2007. Quran recitation can be understood very easily. It also offers memorization of Quran, Tafsir and Urdu and Arabic translations. Just internet and a computer are needed to use this. It is for all ages kids, young and olds.


Darse quran com is one of the Largest visited Islamic website in Pakistan. You can find here and listen here Tafsee e Quran, Bayanat of Moulana Tariq Jameel Sahib, Taqi Usmani Sahib, Junaid Jamshed, Shahid Afridi. This site also presents hamd, naat, tafseer of Quran in Urdu, articles, 6 Kalimay, duain, Islamic books, azkar etc.




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