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Normally white gold consists of 90% gold and 10% Nickel. Other materials can be mixed such as copper and zinc for colors and harness of gold.

Find here complete information about white gold rates. Check out prices of white gold in Pakistan. Rings of white gold are very famous in weddings. Visit the selected sites for latest designs and prices of white gold in Pakistan.



This site provides white gold rings with prices. You can also get here information about gold and diamond rings, ruby, black diamond, kundan and other elegant and stylish rings. Prices are reasonable and designs are latest.  


Women Mag presents jewelry of your choice. It includes White gold Bracelet, Gold Earrings and rings. You can also know here prices of these stylish jewelry.


White Gold Rings Price

It is true that mostly women like to wear jewelry made of diamonds, gold but white gold is also very popular these days even in Pakistan. There are thousands of beautiful white gild rings are available in Karachi, Lahore Islamabad etc at very affordable rates. Below are some of best online website from you can buy all kinds of jewelry from your home all over Pakistan.

White gold prices are far cheaper than traditional gold. You can buy here rings, earning, necklaces, bracelets, body chains, watches and man other items online. White gold price range is from Rs. 1400/- to 3000/-. Just have a look at design and make and other information and then choose item that you like most.

It is one of the top most famous online shopping website in Pakistan and it has hundreds of items from electronics to dresses and from shoes to jewelry item. If you want to buy white gold rings or any other items then it could be a good place. Its selection is very nice and most modern that you can't find any other place. Just narrow your search by selecting, colour, design, price range, size etc.

Kaymu is comparatively latest site but is on the way to progress. It is also a good place to buy gold plated, silver, zarqoon, white gold and other products at good rates. Now you donít have to waist your precious time by wondering in shopping streets and malls for hours but shop her online from comfort of your home.


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