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Contact with these best marriage bureau for Rishta of Shia, Sunni, Arian, Syed, Mughal, Gujar, Pathan, rajput, Urdu and Punjabi speaking and others. Lady doctors, professors, police, army, teachers and others.


Online Marriage Bureau


Mian Marriage Bureau

Mian Marriage is one of the best place to find Rishta online in Lahore and other parts of Pakistan for girls and boys. You have to get registration to start procedure. You must have your own personal mobile number or PTCL number and complete address of your residence. You can send your money through UBL Omni or western Union Pakistan. Office staff will inform you frequently as they find rishta as per your requirements on phone. You can ask as many question as you want.



Mahyas Marriage Bureau

Mahyas is run by mrs. Sumbul Barkaat which have already searched hundreds of boys and girls for marriage. It is one of the trusted place. If you are looking for marriage in UK, Dubai, Europe, USA, Canada and Pakistan then contact with full confidence. Below are complete contact numbers and email address so that you can get more information about your queries.

Contact Number: 0300-9290807

Email Address:


Free Marriage Bureau

If you are unmarried and you are also disable then get here registration to free marriage search services. Males and females are equally given chances. You can also get online free registration through official email address.


Get Ristha

  1. Get Rishta

  2. Zaib Marriage Bureau

Ideal Rishta

Address: 2nd floor, Al Hafeez Shopping Mall, Main Boulevard, Gulberg 3, Lahore

Phone No 042-37018648


Major (Retired) Iqbal Marriage Beuro

Address: 26 Ė F, Commercial Area, Lahore

Telephone No. 042-35898746


Baji Naseem Marriage Bureau

Address: 156-Y, Phase No. 3, Commercial Area, DHA, Lahore

Phone No. 0300-4012371


Life Partner Marriage Center

Phone No. 042-37054080


Wedlock Matrimonial Services

Address: 2 B, Block A BOR Society, Johar Town, Lahore

Contact No. 0300-4685385


Soul Mates Marriage Centre

Address: 156 G, Phase one, Commercial Area, DHA, Lahore Cantt.

Telephone Number: 042-35691159


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urdu / love calculator.htm

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Free love meter and calculator online.  This lover meter analysis your love for him and her. With this test tool you can find love understanding between you and your partner. You can also uncover here percentage with this meter.

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You can know relationship success with this best tool offered by this site. This test tool is designed for checking of successful relationship between two partners. It is very affective method to check chances of your relationship with your partner.


This is one of the best website one the net that offers free love meter/calculator. It also offers love games to play online. To check your love just enter your name and in second text box enter your love dream and click on show me button to check love.

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