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Cough Syrup Names in Pakistan

There are lot herbal / Deshi, Homeopathic and allopathic cough syrups are available for all types of cough. We have gathered here best It is highly suggested that don’t take any kind of medicine without consulting your doctor at your own.

It can risk your health. It is doctor who can suggest which cough syrup is good for kids, in pregnancy, for diabetics and for dry  cough.

Anyhow we are giving here some list of some most used herbal and allopathic cough syrups in Pakistan.


  • Benadryl

  • Corex

  • Surficol (Hebal) by Qarshi

  • Saduri (Herbal) by Hamdard

  • Herbisual (Herbal) by Azeemi

  • Gulban (Herbal) by Marhaba

  • Pulmonol by CCL

  • Sancos

  • Epinol DM for Kids

  • Combinol E by ATCO labs

  • Bronil Syrup by Starlabs

  • Cosome by merck

  • Torax Ex by Siza International

  • Adicos M by Zafa

  • Zevirol by PDH Pharma

  • Coldrex e by Standpharm


Note: Use these cough syrups only after advice of Doctors


Khanis ia Ilaj with Desi Totkay


کھانسی کے لیے دیسی ٹوٹکے


  1. شہد میں چند قطرے لیموں یا ناریل کے تیل کے ملا کر پینے سے ہر قسم کی کھانسی اور گلے کے درد میں آرام ملتا ہے۔

  2. کُٹی ہوئی تھوڑی سے ادرک میں تین قطرے لیموں کے ملا کر پیئں۔

  3. تھوڑی سی ہلدی اوردودھ کی چائے بنا کر پی جا سکتی ہے ۔

  4. اگر خشک کھانسی کے ساتھ ساتھ گلا بھی خراب ہے تو نیم گرم پانی کے غرارے کریں۔

  5. تھوڑے پانی میں کالی مرچ، زیرہ اور گڑڈال کر تھوڑا گرم کر کے استعمال کریں۔ سینے کی بلغم اور کھانسی کے لیے بے حد مفید نسخہ ہے۔

  6. سونے سے پہلے بھاپ ضرور لیں۔ اگر پانی میں تھوڑی مقدار میں کوئی بھی بام جیسے کے وکس وغیرہ بھی ڈال لیں تو اس سے آپ کو بہت سکون کی نیند آئے گی اور بار بار کھانسی نہیں ہو گی۔

  7. تلی ہوئی چیزیں کھانے سے پرہیز کریں۔

  8. کھانسی خود بخود ہی کچھ دنوں میں ٹھیک ہو جاتی ہے اگر ایسا نہ ہو تو ڈاکٹر سے رجوع کریں۔



Dry Cough Home Remedies in Urdu


Cough can be last for few days to weeks and even for months. Dry cough can cause very serious problems if not treated in early stages. There are different methods for cough treatment including Homeopathy, Desi or herbal, Chinese and my favorite home remedies with items found easily in our kitchens. Below is the list of things you should use to treat this disease and all has no side effects on human health or any harm to us. We should also use these on daily basis because they have lot of benefits for our health.  

  • Use lemons juice with honey

  • Ginger is one of the best natural antibiotic you can use by making its tea

  • Haldi or turmeric powder, Kali Mirch or Black pepper with pinch of daar chini or cinnamon mixture is good home remedy for cough and other diseases

  • Mixture of honey and few cloves of garlic 2 times in a day is good for cold, flue and cough

  • Drink glass of milk with turmeric powder in it before going to bed at night will cause you feel comfortable and gives you good sleep

  •  Mix 1 to 2 spoons of apple vinegar and honey in warm cup of water and drink few times a day

  • take more vitamin c, especially in winter to prevent from cough, cold and other diseases

  • Use soup of Desi chicken or if you have cold and flue with cough

 Here are some home remedies and tips in Urdu.


She.com presents tips and home remedies for normal cough and dry cough. Generally herbal home remedies are better way to control cough rather than taking of medicines. Taking of lemon juice plus black pepper can prevent from many diseases including cough. Grapes are another way to control cough. Drinking of garlic mixture is also good way to stop cough. Taking a tea cup mix with basil seeds is one of the best tips to get rid of cough. Carrot Juice, spinach Juice and almond or onion and honey also are very common home remedies to control cough.

There are many cough Desi or herbal syrups are available in Pakistan. Allopathic and homeopathic medicines are also widely available in every city of Pakistan.


Pharma Impex

Life pharma Impex offer a range of cough syrups. You can visit the site to check ingredients or composition of these syrups and indications and pharmacological actions of these syrups.


Novatus Cough Syrup

Pacific Pharmaceuticals presents Novatus Cough syrup. It also control flu and cough. It is also available in sugree free and strawberry flavors.


Rahat Cough Syrup

Awami is famous name in desi or herbal medicines. It introduced cough syrup with the name of Rahat cough syrup. It is very effective for cold and flu with no side effects.


Corex D

Pfizer presents cough syrup “Corex D” to stop and control cough or dry cough and flu. It is allopathic medicine and has impressive results for dry and other types of Cough in children, men and women. This can be used in every season of the year including summer and winters.



Skin Home Remedies



Home remedies for Acne, Black Heads and for skin. Woman skins are less heavier than men. Everyone wants soft and shining skin. But people with acne and black heads or other skin problem are not happy. Skin Cure Tips.com offers best tips for these mentioned problems and guides you to get rid of these troubles. This website is a great source for home remedies for skins care and other related issues. Other section in this site are nail care, dandruff and baldness etc.



 She Click.com presents complete information and home remedies for cracked lips. Get here tips and treatments ideas for dry lips. Lips troubles have many causes including food, weather, and air conditions etc. Vitamin B is plays very crucial rule in our body functions so be aware with Vitamin B.  smooth pink and soft lips are best part of your beauty. Some home remedies for dry lips are: Drink excessive water. Petroleum jell is another treatment for cracked lips as well as alo Vera gels also do this very quickly. Vitamin A intake can very very beneficial for your lips. Visit the website for more home remedies for dry lips treatment.



This website is complete source for home remedies. You can visit the site and download here from a list of many home made remedies. Although it is 21st century but herbal remedies has also used widely all over world. Natural methods of treatment always have special place in our lives.



If you are in search for best home made remedies then this is place where you can find best home remedies and natural treatment methods. Know here all the information about diet and symptoms of familiar diseases. Natural and herbal treatment includes ordinary products such as onion, garlic, aloe vera, mint and other herbals etc.



This is place where you can find best collection of famous home remedies and natural treatment by herbal products. Mostly products and items used for home remedies are easily available in home.  Home remedies in this site are always no side effects and harmless for your body and health. Nature is made for human.




Sore Throat


A viral infection is main cause of sore throat. And it is more affected by flu and cough. Some other reasons are also involve in sore throat such as speaking loudly or shouting, rough food and smoking, measles, polluted air intake and allergy etc. someone with sore throat can have difficulty in swallowing. If it is treated properly it is harmless.

There are very easy preventions and treatment for sore throat. First of all avoid from cold drinks, sour or acidic foods and drinks and other junk foods. We are presenting some Home remedies for sore throat. Gargling with hot salted water is very old remedy. Another method is to drink water mix with some honey and lemon juice.



Benefits of Honey


We have collected here some best sites on the net that is good source for Natural Honey

Benefits, honey made Products. Honey is natural treatment for health including diabetes, weight loss, skin care and others.  You can also read here nutrition facts of honey. There are many stores and place in Pakistan where you can buy natural honey.



This site is totally devoted to Honey and its benefits, honey products etc. you can read here in details about honey benefits. Honey is natural way to increase your energy. It is also very good source for your immune system. It is proved natural anti cancer and honey is natural treatment for many diseases. So honey should be part of daily food.

Honey Nutrition Facts

1 tbs of Honey includes

Total calories : 64

Sugar : 16g

Fat:  0

Carbs: 17g

Sodium: 0


Honey never expires

If you are buying honey. Then first learn how to check good quality or pure honey.


Face Mask

There are lot of face masks are available in market. But those might have some side effects. We are giving here information about How to make natural face mask at home with simple ingredients such as Lemon, honey, Milk, Yogurt and others. These are homemade and are useful for dark spots, acne scars, dr skin, blackheads, wrinkles, oily skin and others.



How to Make Natural Face Mask



Chia Seeds Benefits for Skins, Face and others

Chia seeds are gaining popularity as healthy diet in men, women and kids. These have lot of health benefits including skin, hair, weight loss, stomach and diabetes. You can read these in detail below. Eating chia seeds are complete safe and healthy and has no or very little side effects. You can use it in many recipes including deserts, breakfast meals, Juices and shakes, smoothies, drinks or these could be taken also in its raw shape in water. You can buy black or white chia seeds from all super stores like Wal-Mart, Costco or online. Here are top most health benefits of eating chia seeds.


  • Diabetics

Chia Seeds are very good source to prevent you from diabetes, has number of benefits and also a good diet for people who have diabetes. There are a big percentage of people who are living with diabetes in US, UK, and all over the world today. Although they are taking their medicines to cure there diabetes or control sugar levels but eating healthy food can also prevents or reduce your problems. And Chia seeds are at top in list of foods for diabetes.


  • Weight Loss

Chia seeds controls your hunger for more food. And if you are not eating excessive meals then it would be a plus point in weight loss. Although chia seeds are small in size but they have lot of nutrition such as minerals, vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids. It is also full of fibers that help your digestion system. You can eat chia seeds in your breakfast, dinner, lunch or any time without any meals. There is no special recipe to cook or prepare chia seeds. Just add these into any juice, smoothies, or any other way. You can get benefits through all ways.


  • Constipation

Because Chia seeds are rich in fibers and its jelly type form is also very helpful to get rid of constipation. To relieve just eat chia in your breakfast and then do your work in few minutes. It makes all very smooth and easy.


  • Skin

Skin needs omega 3 for nourishment and repair and chia seeds are good source of omega 3 fatty acids. You can also buy now extract or cream products of chia seeds for you skin. Or just eat chia for your better skin and reduce wrinkles too.


Chia seeds not only give us energy but have lot of more benefits to our health including hair and stomach.


 How to Eat Chia Seeds?

Chia seeds have not some specific taste. You can eat these in various ways. You can mix or sprinkle it on oatmeal, breakfast, juices, smoothies, Yogurt, banana and other shakes or simply use it raw and drink water. Chia seeds are also used in puddings and snacks.


Where to Buy Chia Seeds?

Whether you or living in UK, UK, Canada, NZ, Australia, India, Europe and any other country you can buy chia seeds online through Amazon, GNC, Wal-Mart, Whole Foods Market and other large super store near you.


How Much Chia Seeds Per Day?

Everyone ask question like this How much chia seeds should I eat daily? One tbs of chia seeds would make lot of amount after wetting in water. Because they have very little or no side effects, you can take 1 tbs to few tbs in a day.


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