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Dry fruits are mostly used in winter season all over Pakistan and other countries of the world. We have gathered here list of names of dry fruits, calories in dry fruits, benefits of dry fruits, types and exporters in Pakistan.

 Here are some of famous dry fruits with Urdu Names that are used in Pakistan.


Dry Fruit names in English and Urdu










(Mong Phali)

مونگ پھلی








pine nuts 










سورج مکھی کا بیج


dried coconut

 خشک ناریل



 Dry Fruit Pictures


Here are 3 best sources for dry fruit pictures from Pakistan, India and all over the world.

  1. shutterstock

  2. gettyimages.com

  3. 123rf.com



List Dry Fruits Names in Hindi and Urdu


Here is list of some most used and favourite dry fruits list with English and URDU/Hindi Translation. Some of fruits in this list are Walnut, Alsi, Khubani or khumani, Kishmish, Kaju or kajoo, Chilgoza, Til and many others. You can also find here English and Hindi Spice Names for Ajwain, Amchoor, Anardana, Laung, gur etc.


Dry Fruits list for name and Benefits


You will not find here only list of most used and famous dry fruits of India and Pakistan but also can read here benefits of all these. Dry Fruits are essential for a good health. Every human needs a some amount of dry fruits on daily basis. These all have lot of vitamins and other benefits for our health. Know more about dry fruit benefits in Urdu and Hindi in this page.


Peanut Benefits

Peanuts are favourite dry fruit of every one and is mostly used from children to elders in all over the world. It has lot of benefits for health. Its regular use helps if you are a body builder or want gain more weight. It is also full of antioxidants which also have more energy than apple, carrots and few others. Peanut is also full of vitamin E which is useful in making iron in blood and new cells. A research in Canada also shows that use of peanuts is helpful for diabetes.


Figs or Anjeer

In Pakistan people don’t much figs but it has lot of benefits for humans. Here is list of some of its benefits.

  • It prevents us from Cancer

  • Useful in heart disease and other problems

  • Many people eat it because it reduce weight and gives best results if eaten on daily basis

  • Patients of sugar or diabetes can also eat it after consulting with their doctors

  • Many people find it useful in controlling their high blood pressure


Walnut or Akhrot benefits

Akhrot or Walnut in English is very tasty dry fruit but only used in winter. It is also used in many sweets especially in Sohan Halwa. It also has lot of benefits for hour health.

  • Walnut is very beneficial for good health of brain

  • It has omega 3 acids which are useful for Arthritis, asthma and other diseases

  • Amino acid called ”rginine” is very useful for health of heart

  • Its daily use is good for inflammation problems


Pistachio benefits

Pista or Pistachio is very tasty dry fruit. Lot of people uses it in different food recipes and sweets, cakes and other dishes. Using pistachio in winter has lot of benefits for us.

  • Research has proves that using Pistachio twice in a week is very useful for brain cells

  • It is good for heart, stomach and for weight loss.

  • Many people suggest it to reduce weight and for kidneys.


Almonds Benefits

Almonds are called “Badam” in Urdu and are mostly used dry fruit in Pakistan and other countries. Many desi Hakeem and herbal expert are using it in medicine from hundreds of years. It is very useful to boost metabolism and memory. Almonds are good source of Vitamin A and B. very good in constipation if used on daily basis in morning and evening.


Calories in Dry fruits


A raisins half cup has approximately 500 calories.

Dried fruit are comparatively have high calories than fresh fruits.

Walnuts has 655 calories in 100 gm.


Benefits of Dry Fruits

Almonds have lot of vitamin E and these are very useful for anti aging and skin care.

Walnuts have good amount of omega 3. It is very helpful for our immune system. It is also highly beneficial for constipation.



Calories in Fruits and Vegetables


Every fruit and vegetable has healing power naturally. Each bite we eat has treatment for some disease. Here are calories and nutritional value of some fruits and vegetables.  



A middle sized apple has 81 calories. Apple is also a good source of fiber and fiber reduces heart diseases.



There are 61 calories in 3 apricots. It is best source for vitamin A.



Banana is important source for potassium. Middle sized banana has 105 calories. Potassium gives strength to our muscles. Banana also has fibers.



Mangoes is to be said “king of fruits” and it also full of energy. One mango has 135 calories.



An orange has 61 calories and it also has good quantity of vitamin C. It has also calcium and folic acid. Its juice is also useful as well.



One cup of strawberry gives us 50 calories. It is an important source for Vitamin C and also fibers.



One carrot has 26 calories. You can eat it raw or cooked but raw carrot is much better.



5 calories are found in one garlic clove. It is very healthy for our immune system and is also very useful to low blood pressure and is natural and prevents from high cholesterol.


Green Chili

A middle sized green chili is has 32 cals and is also a source for vitamin c.



Tomato has sodium, potassium, fibers, proteins, carbs, vitamin C and K. It has 32 Calories. In some places tomato is called fruit and vegetable in other places. It boosts our immune system.



Egg has nutritional such as sodium, protein, iron, fat and carbs. It has 17 calories.



Cheese has saturated fat, vitamin d, sodium, calcium and lactose in it. Cheese has different calories in cottage and other types.



Potatoes has carbs, fat, protein, water, starch dietary fiber, vitamin B, C, E K, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium and few others nutrient contents. A potato has 77 calories.



Milk has lot of water, fat, proteins, lactose, calcium etc. but fat depends on breed of animal like jersey or Friesian cow or buffaloes. Buffalo milk has lot of more fats than cows.

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