101 Business in Pakistan


Top 10 Highly Profitable Businesses in Pakistan



If you are going to start a business in Pakistan but don't know exactly where to start your journey then we are here to guide your. Many Pakistani people from abroad and in country want to know answers of these questions such as"


101منافع بخش کاروبار

بزنس شروع کرنے کے لیے سب سے بہترین کتاب ہے۔ اس میں ہر طرھ کے بزنس کی تفصیل بتائی گئی ہے۔ اگر آپ کوئی بھی کاروبار شروع کرنا چاہتے ہیں تو کتاب آپ کے لیے بہت مفید ثابت ہوگی۔


How to start best business in Pakistan with Lowest Capital?

What is the Best business in Pakistan to Start?

After reading the page till end, you will have lot of new business ideas in your mind. Starting a business is not just a game of money but most important is planning, strategy and dedication. You already have seen many people who started work with very minimal amount but knows they are paying with millions and going even higher. In Pakistan there are hundreds of business which you can start from Rs. 3 Lac to 50 Lac and it can then take you to millionaire in just few years of constituency and dedication.

Remember: Never start any businesses without first learning it.


School / College


Every one of us need not only money but also respect and Independence and people who are running schools and colleges have all this. It is the most profitable and successful business all over Pakistan.


Starting Investment

Rs. 3.5 Lac to 25 Lac to establish a school in middle class area and it include rent of building, furniture and other expenses. But it is suggested that schools take years for success so keep in mind that you also need some money at least for a year in hand.

You can start these educational systems.


  • Boarding School

  • Girls Schools

  • Islamic School

  • Playgroup to 3 Class

  • Commerce College

  • Science College

  • Technical College

  • IT Institute

  • School and Office Supplies



Don't think profit for 1st year of your school and after this it totally depends on your numbers of students. Many schools with fee 1000/- to Rs. 2000/- per month are making Rs. 1 Lac to 5 Lac a month.



Home Construction Business


Many people want a new home but don't know how to make a new house or have not enough time (almost 7 to 8 month), so they prefer to buy a readymade home. Most of Rich peoples in every country are doing property related business and earning lot of money. I don't say that you can become another "Maik Riaz" in few months but he life story is in font of your. He is from very middle class family but is now in richest people of Pakistan.

I know many people who have start their home construction business from just Rs. 15 Lac and after few years they have now above 1 Crore rupees.



You can complete a home in 30 to 50 Lac and it will take from months to 8 month to complete. First of all contact with any builder who is doing it already and learn from them for few months then jumps in to start your own.



From a home you can earn Profit from 7 Lac to 15 Lac easily. After completion 1 home you can ask others to share investment with your upcoming project and start 2 projects then 3 and onwards. It is also one of the most easiest and simple business which is very profitable.



Used Car / Motorcycle Showroom


As you already know that Pakistanis have more purchasing power these days than before and roads are full of cars. There are thousands of people who buy new cars after a year or two and sell their old models and on the other side many are searching for used cars at cheap price and you can earn from both side and your profit is called commissions.



You just require a place where you can adjust few cars it needs a big hall, two shops or open place. It means your investment covers rent, some office furniture and other expenditures. Don't forget to learn the skill. Success of Used car show room required lot of marketing and sales skills.



You can earn few Lacs rupees per month after some experience and hard work.



Dairy Business


Milk is a food item that is used everyday in every home from toddlers to parents. And the best opportunity is that "every one like to buy 1 no. milk" which is not available easily from everywhere. There are many example that people who have now hundreds of cows and buffalos once started from just a single or two animals.

  • Dairy Farm

  • Milk Supply

  • Cream (Khoya) Extraction and supply to Sweet (Mithai Makers)





You can start this business from very little budget or from more than crore rupees. Rate of milk for per KG is different in Karachi, Lahore, Pindi, or small town.

If you want to start your own dairy farm then keep in mind these things.

  • Buy at lease those Dairy cows and Buffalow which are giving more than 15 KG of milk. You can buy these animals in between 150000/- to 175000/- per animal.

  • You will need some extra money for at least 3 months.

  • Supply of milk can be possible through motorcycles, Rikshaw, van or other vehicles.

  • If you are not from agriculture background then start it on land of rent in range of 5 to 15 kilometer near to city.

  • Don't just trust on staff but your presence is very necessary for the success of business.




Dairy business is very high profitable and has huge margin. Although cows feed is very expensive but if you have good animals then you can earn lot of profit on daily or monthly business. Profit ratio of dairy farming is very high in Pakistan comparing with many other businesses.



Mens's Salon


Every one of us needs a hair cut once after few weeks. Many famous actors of showbiz have started their own salon in Karachi and other cities of Pakistan. It is a good business idea which can be started with less money and profit margin is very high.




You can start a hair salon from 2 Lac to 15 Lac in various areas of town. After few years you can make your own chain of salons in other cities or areas. Just take a shop, flat, house to set up you new salon. Visit some best salon in town and try to give a new look. Invest some money at least 25% of total invest for advertisement through (local cable, pamphlets, banners etc). You also need good, experienced and skilled staff.



Big hair salon are earning more than Rs.. 5000/- to Rs. 20000/- easily per day. This business don't require much expenses because you are providing just services and you expenditure are rent of building, salaries or commission of staff, utility bills and purchasing of beauty and hair products.



Transport Business


Transport is considered backbone of business and very nourishing trade also. There are various people could be found in Karachi to Peshawar who started with only one vehicles and now have tends and hundreds. Although this business require lot of money but it also has more profit margin and progress. You can start transport business according to your financial position and interest.

  • Buses

  • Small and Large Trucks

  • AC Vans

  • Small Vans




New buses are very expensive and have prices from Rs. 30 Lac to 1 Crore. You can buy truck from 10 Lac to 50 Lac Rupees according to their sizes, capacity and engine power etc. If you have amount near about 10 lac then start business with small capacity of vans which supply items inside city or near to city. You can also make a carriage company.



It is said that a new bus or truck will give you back total amount of its price just in 1 to 2 years. But keep in mind that never trust blindly on your drivers or other staff but take interest fully every time specially when going to workshops etc. Most rich families in Pakistan are in transport business.



Catering Services


Have you noticed that people spend unlimited money on weddings in Pakistan? For this reason, catering services is one of the best and most profitable businesses in Pakistan. Although it is not a small scale but require a lot of money to start but gives big profits in wedding seasons.




If you are in big cities then definitely you have to also face huge competition with big companies but in small towns and areas, you can start from low money also. Because it is a huge business and require lot of stuff such as tents, carpets, lighting, tables, chairs, curtains, stages and much more, so you have to buy these stuff but is also available from other catering service on daily rent. But once you purchase the materiel then it can lasts for few years and need some repair.



It is highly profitable business in Pakistan but is directly attach to wedding seasons. Every catering service in Pakistan earn lot of money in October to December and then in February to April.



Fruits and Vegetable Export


Import and export is a huge business and millions of people directly and indirectly are doing it from years. Pakistan is agriculture rich country and countries such as Middle East, Europe, Japan and other import fruits and vegetables from Pakistan. You can also start this business but only after taking some experience and completing all necessary documentation. Start just with a single container and then move forward.

  • Mangoes

  • Oranges

  • Dates

  • Water Melons

  • Peaches

  • Guava

  • Grapes

  • Banana

  • Potato

  • Onion

  • Carrot

  • Turnip

  • Green Chili

  • Lemon

  • Cucumber

  • Cauliflower





To complete all procedure you must have at lease Rs. 60 Lac to 70 Lac cash in hand. It more require skills than money to success of this business



It is estimated that exporter and importers in Pakistan are making from 25% to 100% margins from different business including vegetables, foods, scraps etc.



Spice Processing


You must have heard name of some spices including salt, red chili, turmeric and many others. Some of these spics are imported from India and some are being processed in Pakistan. You can also start a small scale spice processing unit in your home or else where. Success of this business is not only in money but more in marketing and hard work.




You can buy most modern machinery or rely on labor and some used and outdated machinery. Other things required are packaging, delivery vans and salary of staff members and money for utility bills etc.




Profit ratio is not very high but if you are supplying your spices to hundreds and then thousands of customers then you can make few Lacs easily for per month.



Medical Herb Farming


Medical herb farming is very lucrative business in India but in Pakistan most people don't know that it is also a highly profitable business. Mostly herbs could be grew from Jehlam, Rawalpindi, Gujarat, Attock, Mardan, Nowshera, Peshawar, Swat and other areas and Balochistan.



It not required crores rupees or hundreds acres of land in start but you can begin this business with little money and few canals of own land or on rent. You can get more information from any agriculture university in Rawalpindi and Faisalabad.



It is not a daily kind of business but it is crop to crop cycle and you will sell your spices in raw shape of final shapes (grinded). You can earn more profit if supply spices directly to shops and stores.


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