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List of Vegetables and Fruits in English with Urdu and Hindi Meanings


Vegetable Name in English

Vegetable Name in Hindi and Urdu




Bell Pepper or Capsicum




Cilantro or Coriander









Mustard Leaves


Spring Onion




Sweet Potatoes




بند گوبھی Band Gobhi

پھول گوبھی  Phool Gobhi

گاجر  Gajar

شملہ مرچ  Kashmiri ya Shimla Mirch

سبز مرچ  Mirch

ناریل  Narial

اروی  Arvi

سبز دھنیا  Dhania

مکئی  Challi

کھیرا  Kheera

بینگن  Bangan

انجیر  Injeer

لہسن  Lehsan      

ادرک  Adrak

پیاز  Payaz

بھنڈی  Bhindi

ساگ  Saag

زیتون  Zatoon

ہرا پیاز  Hara Payaz

مٹر  Mattar

مولی  Moli

پالک  Palak

شکر قندی  Shakrkandi

ٹماٹر  Tamatar

ہلدی  Haldi

توری  Tori


List of Fruit Names in English and Urdu



Fruit Name

Urdu and Hindi Meaning








Black Berry






Pine nut





سیب  Seb

خوبانی  Khobani

کیلا  Kela

فالسہ  Falsa

خربوزہ  Kharbooza

مالٹآ  Malta

انگور  Angoo

جامن  Jamunr

لیچی  Lichi

آم  Aam

شہتوت  Shah Toot

آڑو  Aaroo

انناس  Ananas

چلغوزہ  Chalgoza

آلو بخارا  Aalo Bukhara

انار  Anaar

تربوز  Tarbooz


Kheera in English    کحھیرا

Kheera is used in salad all over Pakistan, India, USA and other countries and is a cheap vegetable. It is easily available from vegetable and fruits shops and markets.

Kheera in English is called “Cucumber”.


Lauki in English   لوکی

It is basically a kind of Kaddu but mostly knows as Loki or Louki. It is grown all over the country and mainly available in summer season. Lauki English name is “Bottled Gourd”.


Ghiya Tori in English Name   گھیا توری

Ghiya tori (plain or sada and pasli wali) is called with the names “Ridge Gourd and Chinese Okra”. It could be grown in small pots also at home very easily.


Phool Gobhi in English  پحھول گوبھی

You definitely know the names Phool Gobhi, it is called Cauli Flower in English.  Other kinds are Band Gobhi or Pata Gobhi and English names is “Cabbage”.


Arbi in English  اروی

 This vegetable called in Urdu and Hindi Arvi or Arbi. Its English name is “Colocasia Roots”. A Very tasty vegetable and could be cooked with chicken, meat, potatoes and other vegetable sin different cooking styles.


Kaddu in English   کدو

Kaddu English name is “Pumpkin”. You can make a dish with mixing it in meat or Channa Daal ki Bhujia (A very tasty and spicy version of mixed Tarkari).


Palak Vegetable in English   پالک

Palak is full of iron and other mineral necessary of everybody. It is said that Palak is alternate of meat. It English names is “Spinach”.



Vegetables names and Fruits Names in Urdu and English



Vegetables and fruits Pictures with English and Urdu names in one place. A best place for every one if you don’t know vegetables names in English or Urdu. It has a long list but if you don’t find any specific vegetable in this list then contact with webmaster to add this veg in the list. Everyone has liked this page including children, boys, girls, men and women equally. It is a source of knowledge about of daily use English.


Growing Vegetables at Home Tips

If you have every grown vegetable at your home then it is not new to you that home grown vegetables not only give us fresh vegetables but it also gives us feelings of happiness. Of course taste and freshness are different than bought from market. If you don’t have land for vegetable garden then don’t worry. You can grow in pots and containers very easily and with little efforts. Vegetables can be grown in offices, apartments, small homes etc. There are lots of vegetables than can be grown in pots and containers and you can change their place. You need to learn few tips here.


Important Tips

First of all try to place pots and container where light is available at least for 6 hours. Tomatoes and green chilies need more sunshine than carrots, onion and green leaves vegetables.

Choose containers suitable for vegetables. For example for vegetables with small roots like onion, coriander, mint, spinach and lettuce. These all could be grown in 9 inches deep pots. But vegetables with long roots required 16 inches deep containers and pots including Tomatoes, beans, cucumbers etc. Place your pots before filling with soil at its final position. Always try to fill with good fertile soil. Mix it with manure or fertilizers. You can buy these in small bags from your local market. Read instruction carefully on packets of seeds. Water the plants regularly and take care on daily basis. Some vegetables need more water than others. Plants need fertilizers or manure when you seed flower.


Which vegetables can be grown at home?

Most of the vegetables are grown at home which are available at stores. But home grown veggies are more delicious and fresh than available at store. Here is a list of vegetables; you can grow at home easily.



You’ll need large pots and containers to grow tomatoes. They required more open air, light and water. It can take 10 weeks to grow tomatoes after sowing seeds. Home grown tomatoes are more juicy and colorful and no doubt are more hygienic. You can freeze or make ketchup with extra tomatoes.



Small pots and containers are required to grow spinach. They are mostly cultivated in winter season. You can pick leaves when ready; try to cut near the roots. It’ll take a week to grow new leaves. Spinach is used in many recipes including with potatoes, meat and others.


Green Chili

Green chili required more light and large pot or container. Try to place in terrace. When ready pick chilies and use them fresh or store them whole.



Radish can be grown in deep pots. Its plant grows very quickly. Radish need more water. It also required soft soil.




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