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 Astrology is a science if you want to learn astrology in Urdu free then visit this page. All topics such as stars, horoscope and astrology are included here. You can also view or download here your astrology birth chart. There are many astrology software can also downloaded from some astrology websites.



One of the popular website of astrology in Pakistan is Pakastro.com. it is run by famous astrologer Shahzad Gulraiz Butt in Lahore.



urdu astrology books on Iqbal Ceber Library. Aap ka start or sitara. You can read about astrology and starts or zodiac signs. Know about your star negative and positive characteristics.  



Astrology has different types in many countries such as Chinese astrology, numerology, feng shui, vedic and mayan astrology. Explore this site to know more.




(Sitaron ka haal)

If you are looking for Astrology in Urdu and or Horoscope then there is no best place to check your today astrology then this place called “Horoscopeurdu.com”. Many people in Pakistan and other countries search for daily horoscope or astrology of their stars. Experts of Astrology say that it is only a guess or estimates and it could not be 100 percent true. So don’t believe and stop working to read your horoscope. It shows all about your daily deals for your relationship, love, business, shadi, job, relations and your emotions. You can check here your daily free horoscope for signs including:

  • Virgo

  • Libra

  • Scorpio

  • Sagittarius

  • Taurus

  • Gemini

  • Cancer

  • Leo

  • Capricorn

  • Auarius

  • Pisces

  • Aries



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