Ptcl Speed Test DSL and Evo

PTCL is one of the largest internet Services Provider in Pakistan. It offers different net packages at different speed. You can check your net speed ptcl evo, dsl, broadband online for free. You can check your internet speed through ptcl net speed meter. Speed of internet depends on many factors such as at what hour of the day your are checking speed, your computer specifications, how much distance are you from ptcl main tower or facility, noise in your phone line and many others. Check your net speet at ptcl.


PTCL DSL Speed Test

This will show you results of net speed for Download and upload in Mbps. There are lot other internet speedometer area available online to check net speed of dsl, evo or broadband. Some internet providers also offer online check for free. But what is the best way to test my internet speed online. You can download test meter from various websites or just check it online. There are also some sites where you can check your wi fi speed test for free online.


Whether you are using 1 mb, 2, 3 or 4 MB package, you can check your internet speed online through different website including ptcl speed meter. Some of these website are from Pakistan and others are from USA, UK, Australia and other countries.

You can check your net speed of dsl, broadband, evo or any other source. Below are the some of the best source to check what speed is for your download and upload. It depends on your computers, wireless and broadband services, phone line clarity an finally if you are using evo then how far is your main tower of ptcl from your location. You can check your internet speed for pc, computer, mobile, iTab, Laptops etc.


PTCL EVO Speed Test


You can perform this test to check real net speed of PTCL following evo sticks including these.

  • Evo USB

  • Wingle

  • Wi-Fi Cloud

  • Nitro

  • LITE

  • Max

  • DayPass




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