PTCL Complaint Number Broadband, Evo, DSL and Landline  

PTCL is one of the largest internet service providers in Pakistan with millions of customers. if you have any problem then submit your complain from Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad or any other city of Pakistan with different methods. You can use evo, broadband / dsl, or vfone services. Most of the net users broadband source to connect to the worldwide web. If you are not new to ptcl net then you know it very well that there are lot of problem every user face day to day including slow speed, blockage of net and others. You can registrar your complaint at ptcl and soon a representative will visit your office or home. There are different ways for ptcl complaints.




Online Complaint through SMS from Mobile

Ptcl has introduced sms complaint service for broadband and evo users. It is an convenient way to contact with your net provider. You can also submit your complaint online from here.


We are giving here complete way to how to do it.

  1. Type "Help".

  2. Send to 051-2181218


  1. Type "SMP".

  2. Now type "your area code and Landline number".

  3. Type Product Code (LL for landline and BB for Broadband numbers).

  4. Send this to 05 1218 1218.

  5. PTCL will send you a complaint number.


This is free service and you can send complaint from every mobile network service from everywhere.


 PTCL EVO Complaint Number

If you have evo and want some help or have any complaint these contact at of these numbers. You will be asked some necessary information by ptcl representative after that your will be given a complaint number. This number will be needed as reference.

  • 1050

  • 1218

  • 111-202-020



You can also contact with ptcl head office and send them your suggestions and complaint at Just write your problems, your view and other onions about ptcl services and send with your complete email id, phone number, name, address etc.


Online Complaint

Customers can also connect with ptcl with live chat online through for instant support. You have to type full name, email address, phone number and type a question "How Can we help you" text box and delay time. Finally click on "Start Chat" Button.



Complaint Number

And finally, just contact at 1218 for complaint registration for every kind of fault in you dsl or broadband or telephone problem.





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