Dams and Barrages in Pakistan

There are many big dams and barrages in Pakistan. Pakistan is country of rivers and canals. below is the list of most famous dams and Barrages in Pakistan. Some of the major dams details is given below.

List of Famous Dams in Pakistan

Tarbela Dam  

It is one of the largest dam in Pakistan. It was built on Indus or Sindh River. Its is near from Atock, Rawalpindi, Abbotabad. It was built in 1976. Its water is used for power generation and irrigations system. It is 143 meter high and 2750 meter in width. Terbela Dam is one of the main source for electric capacity.


Magla Dam

It is located near Jehlam and 99 km from Islamabad. Mangla is built on river Jehlam. With financial aid from word bank it was built in 1967. It is 138 meter high and 3140 meter wide.


Khanpur Dam


Khanpur Dam is located in KPK province but very neat to Islamabad. Many people don't know that it is also a picnic point very near to Twin Cities at short distance of just 25 Miles. You can go there from short link roads by crossing Margala Hills or from Abottabad Road. It is mainly used as water reservoir and is used for supply of drinking water to Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Its water is also used for agriculture purposes in nearby areas.

 It was built in era of Field Marshal Muhammad Auyb Khan. Every years a water sports are arranged in month of April and people from all over Pakistan come here to enjoy and participate in water sports. If you are never been here before then don't wait for any more, but just go and see this beautiful place and enjoy with your family and friends.


Bunji Dam

Bunji Dam is a upcoming project and its site is located in Gilgit Baltistan. This hydro project is built on Indus river. It is not a very large project as Mangla or Tarbela but definitely ad some value in system of Hydro Power for Pakistan. China has offered cooperation to build this dam and MOUs have been already been signed. Chinese Government is also giving cooperation in building more dams in KPK and Gilgit Baltistan.


Hub Dam

It is located right at the border of Sindh and Balochistan. Hub dam was built in year 1981. It water are used as drinking water for Karachi and for agriculture use for lasbela. There are many fish are found in hub dam.


List of Barrages in Pakistan

Barrage                 River               Location


Balloki Head             Ravi                     Bhai Pheru Lahore

Chachma Barrage  Indush                Mianwail

Ghazi Brotha           Indus                   Attock

Guddu Barrage       Indus                   Kashmore

Head Islam               Sutlej                  Hasil Pur

Head Marala             Chenab               Sialkot

Head Sulemanki     Sutlej                  Haveli Lakha

Head Trimmu           Chenab + Jhelam           Jhang

Islam Barrage         Sutlej                  Hasilpur

Jinnah                        Indus                   Kalabagh

Khanki Headwordk                              Chenab Wazirabad

Kotri Barrage           Indus                   Jamshoro

Muhammad Wala   Chenab              Multan

Munda Headworks River Swat        Peshawar

Panjnad                      Chebab               Uch Sharif Bahawalpur

Qadirabad head      Chenab               Mandi Bahauddin

Rasul Barrage         Jehlum                Jehum District

Sidhnai                       Ravi                     Abdul Hakim

Sukkur Barrage      Indus                   Sukkur

Taunsa Barrage      Indus                   Taunsa DG Khan



Chashma Barrage


One of the famous barrages in Pakistan. It is located in Mianwali on river Sindh. It was completed in 1971. It is also 3rd storage capacity in Pakistan. It has also capacity of producing electricity of 184 MW.


Guddu Barrage


It is located near Sukkur in Sindh province. Guddu barrage was also completed in 1962. It can block water at 8 meter. It is also source for water distribution to Larkana, Sukkur and Jacobabad and Nasirabad.


Sukkur Barrage

It is one of the oldest barrages in Pakistan. Sukkur Barrage was built in 1932. It is built at river sindh near Sukkur. Its water are also used for irrigation in Sindh areas.

There are many other small Dams, Barrages such as Trimu head in Jhang and more in Pakistan.