KESC Duplicate Bill Online


This is Official Website address of KESC Karachi Pakistan. You can check here or view duplicate bill or print your bill now online. It is very easy to check duplicate bill, Jobs, billing history, payment history, complaint number, tariff, head office address with phone No. or contact, download new connection form, Calculate or print your bill online.

KESC Duplicate Bill


You need Adobe Reader to view your bill. If you donít have this software in your computer you can download Acrobat reader from here in free. Download new connection Form from here. Billing payments are made in any scheduled banks. To check format of kesc bill visit the website.

Kesc Complaint Online / Number

You can put your complaint regarding your electricity fault in meters, wiring or any other online through kesc website. Just fill in the form with some information such as your name, address, problem, your contact Number including Phone, Address, Email, office or home address etc.

or just contact with kesc customer care centre or Call kesc complaint number 118. Below is sample of kesc duplicate bill online. To view or print your kesc duplicate bill just give your account number and consumer number and click on view bill button.


KESC Duplicate Bill Online

You can also check here tariff of rates of Units or electricity by unit wise. Know here about KESC in detail. For duplicate Bill just fill in your Account No. and view your bill or print it.

If you have not received your printed electricity bill yet and last date for payments is also very near then donít wait any more and download your duplicate bill online, print it and deposit amount as soon as possible before last date. There are three ways to get your bill.

  1. You can check, download and print your bill

  2. Customer can also email at to request for duplicate copy.

  3. Or just go straight to any IBC near to you and get your bill from here.


Kesc Tariff

Check out here new tariff of Kesc electricity for Karachi. These tariffs are separate for for domestic supply, agricultural, industrial for single and double phase meters. These rates are decided by Nepra for kesc.

You can contact for new connection, complaints, bill adjustments, or installments with any of these kesc offices located in Site, Korangi, Civic Center, Tipu Sultan Centre, Nazimabad and Shah Faisal FO.


 KESC e-billing System

 With KESC e billing service you will receive your monthly electricity bill in your email id inbox. For registration you just have to give some information such as account number, consumer number, mobile number and email address. Kesc e bill is also valid to submit after download in pdf format and print.


Kesc bill payment options

You have different option for kesc bill payments.

Online bill payments

Online bill payments are made with digital account number given to consumers. Online payments service is available on all banks including Abl, UBL, HBL, MCB, Soneri Bank and others.

Mobile Payments

You can pay you kesc bill now through mobile service. You have to register at MCB Mobile banking service or contact at 111-000-622. It only requires your mcb online account and all is almost done.


Easy Payments

Use services like

  • UBL Omni

  • Easy Paisa

  • Mobi Cash

  • Nadra e Saholat

  • 1 Link

  • Timepey

  • U Paisa



KESC or Karachi Electrical supply company is one of the largest organization in Pakistan with thousands of employees for this big city. If you also want kesc job and have qualification with experience then you can also apply. It required such people who hard working and are wishing prosperity then just donít wait for minute and apply with full confidence. You can apply for these jobs at KESC.

  • Electrical Engineers

  • Accountants

  • Assistant

  • Manager

  • HR Management

  • Marketing

  • Meter Reader

  • Drivers

  • Data Entry Operators

  • Guards

You can send your CV at email address:


Graduates Trainee Program

If you have completed your graduation and are now in search of jobs then get this best opportunity by kesc. It has started programs called ďK Electric Trainee ProgramĒ. You can apply in marketing, finance, IT, Supply, Distribution and Human resource management.


KESC Complaint Number

Kesc or Karachi electric Supply Company is responsible for supply and distribution of bills of electricity to all Karachi residential and industrial areas of Karachi and surroundings. Whether you have problems about your Billing, Meter or any other you can contact KESC Complaint Number. Customers have to call at 118 complaints or helpline before but a new number is also introduced for every type of complaint at 021-38115372. Although these complaint number are mostly used for over billing and other issues of bills but your can also registrar your complaint about meters, faults and other problems such as correctness of bills, defective meters, name change, residence change and other information and help.

Although Karachi is a largest city of Pakistan and it is very difficult job to supply and manage electricity to all areas of city but kesc is doing with the help of their hardworking staff and equipment. Thousands of applications are submitted on daily basis for new meters.  Staff has to clear also thousands of complaints from all areas of Karachi and some areas are so difficult that its maintenance vehicle and machinery can go inside those narrow building and streets and it all makes very difficult task for the staff member of KESC. You can also your messages service and can send messages for technical, bill related, new connection and theft reporting and  complaints  at





Q. Date has expired but I have not received bill from KESC billing delivery man.

A. If last date is very near and you are still waiting for your copy but not received yet then donít wait anymore and just print it from official website of KESC online and submit it with payment before last date.


Q. It am new customer of KESC and donít know how to check or print my bill online, Please guide my completely.

A. Check and printing your bill online is very easy and any one can do it in seconds or minutes. To do so, you must know your account number which is a unique number and have 13 digits. You can see it at any of your printed bill you have already received or get it from office. Then you also must have consumer number which is also a unique number. Enter these 2 numbers and check it or print online for free any time.


Q. The person who distribute bills is not coming to our area for last few months so, we are not receiving bill. What should I do now and where to complaint in this regard?

A. First of all, Download your bill online and deposit it any bank or through other payment methods. Then go to your nearest KECS customer service center in your area and report complaint against your matter.


Q.              I have a domestic meter installed but staff of KESC have made or declare it as commercial meter. As you know that rates for both are very different and every month I have to pay more bill than actual. I am using electricity only for my home and not for any kind of shop or other business. To whom should I meet for a complaint?

  1. Our special staff is assigned to check or judge whether electricity is used for shops, office, and business or just for home. It is not a single person but a team is responsible for this job. Anyhow, If you are not satisfied with the teamís decision then just go to related KESC office and submit here written application with all other required documents.

Q. I have received bill for a huge amount which I cannot pay and it is almost 50% more than my average monthly bills. What is wrong with it and how to correct it. Please help me before last date of the bill?

A. Due to different reasons it might be possible that you can receive bill for large amount. Sometimes these are real amounts for those units that you have consumed especially in summer season when you are using one or more Air Conditioners other causes may be your meter fault or blurry meter or a human mistake. To know your exact reason you must contact and submit a written compliant against your problem to related officer of your area. All complaints are entertained number wise.


Q. Can I check my bill by giving just address or name of the person?

A. No, You cant check or print yoru KESC online duplication bill copy by just a address or name of the person. But you must have to enter account number and consumer number which every consumer of KESC has already assigned. You can check or print as many bills as your want but only if you have these two unique numbers.


Q. My problem is that your bill delivery person drops my bill only one day before last date. Please give me the bill before almost a week ago before ending date.

A. A single person has to deliver bills in his allocated areas which might have thousands of shops, flats or homes. And sometimes due to strikes, lock at your door or for any other reason it can be late but you also have a right to send KESC a complaint for early delivery of your bill.


Q. Is it possible to receive my bill through email or mobile number?

A. Partly it is possible now and more work is in process to give more facilities for consumers of KESC. It is age or Mobile and internet and everything these are now part of our daily life. To receive your bill through email or sms service on mobile number, just go to e billing section of billing page and complete registration or giving information such as your name, email id, consumer number etc and other details.

Q. Please tell me more about KESC policy on Security deposit amount. What is this amount and is it payable for every consumer or is just for some selected people only?

A. You can get more information by contact at helpline number of KESC or by going to any nearest office and ask for details of security deposit and what is method of returning of this amount.


Q. we are going out of city whole family so please donít deliver your original KESC bill copy but we will get online duplicate copy and then will print it to deposit it before last date of the bill.

A. It totally depends upon you that whether you want to deposit original bill that you receive from us or you prefer online duplicate download and then print it to deposit it before last date?


Q. When will KESC load shedding will end? How much time we have to wait when there will be no load shedding in Karachi.

A. Karachi is also a part of Pakistan and is largest consumer of electricity. Its population is growing at rapid speed but resources such as water, gas and electricity are not up today. Government of Pakistan is doing there best to overcome this problem as soon as possible. It may take more couple of years when we have 24 and 7 days week electricity. But sometimes there might be a fault in distribution system or old wires in narrow streets and overload in some areas.


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