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Pakistan is in the list of those countries whose population is growing at rapid speed but what about rate of literacy, primary health care, financial positions, jobs and other facilities. Literacy rate in Pakistan is much better in this year than ever before especially in Punjab, Islamabad and other districts and areas of Punjab but there is huge need of work in Rural Sindh and Balochistan area which have very low literacy rate.

Punjab Government is far ahead in the field of education which has taken lot of imitative to make people more literate. But society like ours every one link education with jobs and money and people think that people with higher degrees have better chance of good living and better chance of jobs. We see UNESCO facts and figures; it shows Pakistan far low in list of literacy rate in different countries of the world.

Currently Pakistanís Total 55% people are literate from all over country. You can get further information about literacy rate in Pakistan with details about girls, boys, age group, areas wise and other charts in this site.


Above than 80% children take admission in Primary education in nearby schools in private and Government schools but most of them donít give ahead of 5th class and parents give priority of jobs rather then education for their children due to lot of reason for example large families and low income sources. Girls are other group which are not given facilities of education after 5, 8 and 10th class in different regions. Pakistanís total education budget is far less than India and other developing countries of the world which has a huge impact on low literacy rate of Pakistan. Education is not priority No. 1 in Pakistan.


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