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To Check or Print PTCL Bill online visit this page. You have to just Enter Phone No. and Account ID. After that you can view or print your telephone bill. For printing of this bill you must have Acrobat Reader installed on your pc. All the procedure is very simple and easy. You can pay bill PTCL Bill at any branch of any bank in all over Pakistan. Another options is ATM.



You can also pay your telephone bill via ATM Card. Post Office also receive ptcl bills payments. NADRA is another option to pay your payment or at One Stop Shop of OSS near you. below is sample image of what you will see on ptcl official website to view your ptcl bill online. Here is format of PTCL duplicate Bill check from official website.


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PTCL Duplicate Bill

Pakistan Telecommunication Ltd is largest telephone Provider Company in Pakistan. It has customers in every city and place of Pakistan including Karachi, Peshwar, Multan, Faisalabad, Peshwar, Lahore, Sialkot and other cities.



It sends bill monthly. Customers can check or print their duplicate bill from ptcl official website. Or sometime you can check your bill for current month before it reaches you by post office. Or if you have lost your printed bill then you can get copy of ptcl duplicate bill online.

To check and print your ptcl landline bill just enter your phone number without area code and then enter your account id in second text box. Don’t worry your account id is printed in your every telephone bill. You can see that number from your old bills. You must have acrobat reader software on your pc to print this duplicate bill. To see your evo bill, you have to give mdn with area code and esn numbers.


PTCL duplicate bill


You can view or print your ptcl current duplicate bill online for all cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawawar, Multan, Quetta, Gujrat, Gujranawala and other cities of Pakistan. To view your ptcl evo or landline bill online just enter Phone No and account ID. Your account ID is printed on your printed bills already. Sometimes due to some reasons you receive your printed bill very late or after last date from post office or other sources. So it is much better to view or print your ptcl phone bill very early from last date.

How to Search PTCL Duplicate Bill Online

If you are looking for PTCL Landline bill then click on “Landline”.

Now you can view your bill through your Phone number or Account ID (Printed on top of your bill). Don’t put your area or city code before number.

Evo customer can search heir online bill copy through selecting “EVO Bill”.

For Evo, you can write MDN or ESN number. You MDN number is printed on your evo box. ESN is printed on backside of each EVO.

You must have acrobat Reader software to view ptcl bill properly or print it. If not, then you can also download this software from PTCL Website.



Bill Payment


There are different ways through which you can made your ptcl bill payments and epayments is one of easiest and latest methods. New members have to just registered online and use it from comfort of your office of home.

You can also use other payment methods including deposit in banks, through ATM cards, Debit cards. Customers can also submit their payments at Pakistan Post office, Nadra Kiosk, One Stop Shops. Ufone service centers and franchises also receive bill payments. Finally, It totally depends upon you that which way you like most or is more suitable for you.




PTCL EVO Packages


PTCL is largest and top internet Provider Company in Pakistan. You can use its landline, evo and wireless vfone internet services. Speeds are also different for various devices. Its latest evo 3g and wingle are most famous among students all over Pakistan including Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Faisalabad, Sukkur, Quetta, Rawalpindi and other cities of Pakistan.  Ptcl evo package charges are different for wingle, 3g, nitro, cloud, tab and other devices.


EVO Packages  ( USB, Wi –fi Clouds, Nitro, Wingle, Student)


Evo 3g Packages

PTCL evo is one of the most used internet device in Pakistan. It is equally famous in students, business men, housewives, employees, companies and every one. People who have laptop never use any other device if once they have come to EVO. PTCL has set various packages and rates as per your needs and requirements of net use. Evo speed depends on lot of factors including your destination from ptcl tower, other tower and bandwidth use near your area, time of the day. Because in Pakistan and other countries net is used most from 4:00 p.m. to 11 p.m. than any other hours of the day. Here is complete detail of PTCL evo package with prices, package name and other details.

Evo Daypass

Evo day pass come with 3g technology and you can use its 3 gb data in 2 days. Its price is Rs. 150 per gb and you can use before its limit which is 2 days. It is very useful for those people who don’t need weekly or monthly or unlimited net packages from ptcl or any other internet services providers.

Evo Go

Evo go has 5gb data use limit and rates are not for days or hours but data usage. You can use your 5 gb for rupees 1 thousand only. Per gb usage price is Rupees 150. you can get more details about this evo package from any or nearest ptcl costumer care centre or helpline number of ptcl.

Evo Lite

PTCL evo lite is larger package and is for those users of ptcl who have more use of net including upload and download. You can use 20 GB data at rate of Rs 1200 for whole package. Per gb price is Rs. 150. It also has not any limit of usage for hours or days.

Evo Max

It is mostly used evo package. If you are looking for unlimited internet at reasonable prices then there is not other is suitable for you than ptcl evo max package. It has unlimited net use and price is Rs 2100. Just reads and understand its terms and policies before deciding any of above mentions packages. You can use this package any time of the day or night or any day of the week with out any interruption.

Evo 256 Kbps

It is sometime called student package because of its prices. It is cheap unlimited internet package and very poplar among students. You can available this package from rs. 1300 and use unlimited internet.


Evo Wingle Packages


Whether your are using wingle, nitro, 3g or any other ptcl net packages all have different rates and data limit. Every one has different types of internet requirements. Ptcl has various wingle packages. We have given below brief details of of these with bundle name, data volume and price.


Evo Wingle USB Price is Rs 1500 and you can use unlimited internet in 3 months for rs 7500. Billing is through ptcl landline or advanced billing system. If you want speed and unlimited internet then there is not other choice than this.


Wingle Lifestyle

Evo wingle lifestyle comes with various internet packages. You can choose from 10 gb, 30 gb or unlimited and prices range is from Rs. 1 thousand to Rupees 3200.


Evo Wingle Day

Ptcl Evo wingle day has line rent of Rs. 250 and is available for just one day. You can use data volume of only 1 gb. But wingle 10 gb is for a whole month and is also very cheap. Its price is rupees 1000 with data volume of 10 gb. It is also very poplar internet package for students and other people.

Wingle Breeze has line rent of rs. 1500 and comes with 20 gb and has fair use policy in 30 days also. It is more data volume than above mentions packages. If you are looking for bigger package then just use wingle 30 gb for 30 days. Its price is rupees 2500.



Ptcl evo postpaid package rates are different for usb, wingle, nitro and cloud.


EVO Wingle Packages

Ptcl evo wingle comes with 75 gb and 30 gb download limits. Monthly charges for wingle are Rs. 2500/- and 1500/-.


PTCL Evo Nitro Packages

Ptcl nitro cloud also has 2 packages for 30 and 75 gb. Rates are 1499/- and 3000 for nitro basic and cloud evo.


3G EVO Wi Fi Cloud Packages

wi fi cloud package charges or rates for 50 gb is 2100/- and for 30gb download is 1200/-


Ptcl Evo Bill Payment Check Online

If you are user of ptcl evo USB and is looking for who to check your bill payment online then you are on right places. PTCL evo has lot of different types of packages with different rates and data volume. There is now no need to wait for postman or any other representative from ptcl who will bring your hard copy or your bill and then you submit it to any bank. Now you can check your ptcl evo bill payment online for free from here. To see your bill online you have to just registered first and then login to see your ptcl evo bill every month. This all is available at ptcl e payments web portal. To know more about any question or want help then just make a call at ptcl helpline number 0800-80-800


 Evo Drivers / Software

If you are worried and lost your ptcl evo driver then don’t worry. You can download every related software and driver from ptcl official website. All the procedure is very easy and any one can do it very easily. Choose from Huawei Drivers for windows or mac. You can also download evo nitro software upgrade, smart TV application, 3.1 USB drivers, DSL broadband upgrade and for android os.





PTCL 3G Nitro

Ptcl has introduced its one of the best devices in Pakistan which is called “3G Nitro usb”. With this latest invention ptcl become first of its kind in country which offer fastest Internet with speed of 9 MB. This device is also called USB and you can buy it from all PTCL franchises outlets, offices etc. Currently its prices is Rs. 4000/-. You have to pay 3000/ monthly for unlimited internet which you can pay in your monthly bill. Download speed depends on timings, your area and your PC or Lap devices. You can get more information about rates, Packages etc by contact at Helpline number of ptcl or form PTCL Customer care centers in your city.



How to Share PTCL EVO

You can also share your evo usb with other computer near to you but you need a special software in your PC. You can use this software at 2 conditions only. First thing is that other computer must have wi fi also which you want to make hot spot. Usually desktop computers are not equipped with wi fi devices and you have to attach separate device with it. For this you can purchase a Wireless LAN car from the market which is availale at cost of Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000 easily from any big computer shop in your area. Most of the Laptops comes with builin Wi-Fi technology so you don’t have to install it separately.

Second thing is that this special software could be only installed on windows 7 or 8 and not on Windows XP or any other older version. This application uses “Virtual Routers” in windows 7 or 8 which is not available in older versions. For this reason, It is necessary that the hot spot computer must have latest version of windows. This software is called “Connectifi”. You can also share Cable Internet, DSL and 3G or 4G modem fi fi with others. It installation and configuration is very easy and any one can do it by performing very easy steps. You can download latest version from official website of Connectifi.

Install it completely after completion of downloading. You have to give new network name first time only. Don’t forget to give password and other details. Choose your internet connection for which you want to share through Wi-Fi.

After completing all steps, your computer or laptop now converted in Hot Spot. If you search in other laptop, it will be shown in it. You can also control your users and know easily IP number or other computers.


  • Main purpose of “Connectifi” is to convert your computers into Hotspot and provides internet to other PCs.

  • You can also share other Wi-Fi from any computer.

  • It is also possible to see all connected devices.

  • Software is password protected so that you can control users.

  • You can also close any other device internet from your computer.

  • Through this software it is also possible to make simple LAN with all its features.



Q. I want to apply for a new telephone landline number on my new home. I want to ask that what is security fee for new connection and how to apply?

A. There are different ways through which you can apply for your new landline connection. First of all just dial 0800-80800 from any number and give your details there. Another and most appropriate way is meeting with officers at PTCL exchange of your area and gives here application. You may also contact with customer care centers or one stop shops for evo, landline or other products.


Q. What types of value added services are available to customers of PTCL which every one can avail?

A. Yes, there are various value added services are available to all customers of Landline and evo which includes call me back, conference call, call forwarding, time check, call diverting and song dedication. And in future you might see some more addition in this.


Q. Few days back I have applied for a new connection and I am using it now but dot know exactly what is my default package of PSTN?

A. All new customers can enjoy “Freedom Package” which is set by default but if you are satisfied with it then you can change it to other package according to your needs and choice.


Q. I just know my phone number but to check my ptcl number I have to also give account number. I don’t know about this and where I can found it?

A. Every PTCL customer is assigned this unique kind of number and you can find it on any of your own ptcl bill. It is printed below your telephone number and connection type and it is a 10 figure number.


Q. Account number is printed on bill but I required just my first bill because I am using new connection but I want to check it online?

A. You can get it from your nearest ptcl exchange or customer care centers or just waits for your first printed bill. Then after that you can use account number.


Q. I have received a bill for huge amount for which I have not used any calls or other services. Why should I pay this amount and to whom should I contact to correct this bill?

A. You can check phone history of your bill by going to ptcl customer care centers or by calling at helpline number and meet their with bill correction related persons. They will check your call records on their database system and then correct it if you were sent wrong bill and excessive amount than real bill.


Q. I have entered required data in field but there is no detail of bill. Am I entering wrong data such as phone number and account number or it is fault in site or something else?

A. It is possible that you are giving your required information complete right but there might by a problem in ptcl website. You should contact at helpline number of PTCL or wait for your printed bill which you receive on monthly basis by post.


Q. For last few months I am not relieving my ptcl bill on my given address so I have to pay now bill with extra charges. My question is that why ptcl is not sending me my bill at my home address?

A. You should immediately tell your issue at help line number 1218 or by going straight to ptcl exchange office and meet personally with related officers. It can be for various reasons such as your new address, new connection of ptcl landline number and many others .



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