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If you have questions in mind like “What is zip code of Pakistan, Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Multan and other cities of Pakistan?. Answer is that zip code is only used in USA and zip means Zone Improvement Plan. In Pakistan and other countries zip code alternate is postal code. Pakistan also has its own postal codes of every city of Pakistan. Zip codes for each us city (New York, California, Washington etc) and town are different

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Pakistani Country Code

Here is the complete information about Pakistan country code. It is required to add before all mobile number and ptcl or landline number in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad etc if you are contacting from other countries.

 Pakistan country code is required for ptcl and mobile phone numbers if you are calling from UK, US, Canada, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and other countries. But if your are dialing from in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Hyderabad, Peshawar, Rawalpindi or any other city of Pakistan then there is no need to add Pakistan country code. Every country in the world has assigned a unique country code. Whether you are dialing from mobile phone or landline number, you must have to add Pakistan Country code before any number.

Pakistan country code is 92. Now below is the example if you are dialing to Karachi from any other country. 

92 213 1234567

You have to first dial country code of Pakistan, then Karachi or any other city code and then ptcl phone number. If you are dialing a mobile phone in Pakistan then there is no need to add city code but just start with country code and then dial complete mobile number. For example

092 0300-1234567


Pakistan telephone country code is necessary to make an international call from landline and mobile. If you are going to make international calls then add +92 before preceding phone or cell phone number. But it is only required if you are dialing outside of Pakistan and not inside the country. If you are dialing a ptcl or any other landline number then add city or area code after country code of Pakistan.

Pakistan Country code is 092-


Postal Code of Rawalpindi


Rawalpindi Postal Code (GPO) is 46000. Using postal codes in mail addresses is fastest and easy way to delivery post in Pakistan and around the world. So if you know area postal code then doesn’t forget to use it. It also helps post men to sort out very quickly. Full list of postal codes is available through official website of Pakistan Post. Zip code is not used in Pakistan but sometimes postal codes are also called zip codes in Paksitan. So Rawalpindi code is 46000.

Rawalpindi postal code is 46000 but if you want to send a parcel or letter to areas like Bahria Town, Satellite town, Saddar, Chaklala, sadiqabad or other area of Rawalpindi then all these areas have different postal codes. You can know more by calling gpo Rawalpindi. When you send a letter or parcel to any city, it will first reaches at GPO and then there all mails are sorted by addresses or by postal code and sent to specific addresses and areas. You can also get complete details of Pakistan postal codes in a book which is available from any gpo in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Faisalabad and other areas.

Pakistan postal service has one of the best sorting and distribution system in the world. Postman or Dakiya has a big role in cities and villages of Punjab Pakistan. Although it is age of mobile, internet and other technologies but Postal system has a unique place till now. Lot of people send letters, money orders, pictures, parcels, post cards and other stuff to their relatives, friends and others from other countries and inside of Pakistan. Pakistan post has very affordable rates compare to other countries. You can send parcels and letters to other countries including Saudi Arabia, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Dubai and all others. Postal code is called zip codes in US and in some other countries of the world.


Rawalpindi other areas Post codes


  • Bahria Town               46220

  • Chaklala Air Base        46210

  • GHQ Rawalpindi          46100

  • Kahuta                       47330

  • Kallar Sayyadan          47520

  • Kotli Sattian                47260

  • Pir Wadhai                  47610

  • GPO Rawalpindi           46000

  • Kathcheri                    46510

  • Satellite Town             46300

  • Westridge                    46060

  •  Sangral                       47294

  • Sihal                            47290


High court



Judicail Town



Kohinoor Colony






Momin Pura



PMO Complex



Raja Town



Satellite town



Urdu Bazaar



West ridge



Lahore Postal Code


Pakistan has postal code system. Zip Code system is used in USA. So if you require then you can use your area postal code as zip code. In Lahore Post offices have allotted different codes in Cantt, Model town, Defence, Gulberg, DHA, Allama Iqbal Town, Wapda Town, Township and other areas.


What is zip code of Lahore?

Lahore is largest city of Punjab is also provincial capital. It is spread over wide area and is divided into different towns. Pakistan post has also divided into various areas and every area is allocated some unique code zip code. Main GPO Lahore zip code is 54000. We have given here list of other areas codes with some other details. So, lets see the answer of question “What is Zip code of Lahore areas”?


Gulberg Zip code

Gulberg is one of the first and most planed area of Lahore. It has different parts including I, II and III, IV and V. Its boundaries touch Lahore Cant, Defence, Garden town, Model Town, Ferozepur Road, Canal Bank road and Shadman. It is also hub of modern businesses including famous IT plazas, Parks, main Boulevards, best restaurants, Liberty Market, Hafeez Centre and many other areas. Gulberg zip code is 54660. 


Model Town

Model Town is famous for its beautiful park and Mian Nawaz Sharif’s residence. There are also other very famous restaurants, shops, hospitals and other commercial and residential building are located in Model town. Model town’s boundaries touch one side to Ferozepur road and Gulberg, Other side wigh Garden Town, Kalma Chowk, Town Ship, Kot Lakhpat, Faisal Town, Eden villas and Punjab University New Campus etc. Model town zip code is 54700.



Shadman is very beautiful and well planned residential and commercial area. Its neighboring areas includes Canal Bank Road, Gulberg, Kinnaird College for Women University, Jail Road, Race Course Park, Ichra, New Mazang, Samanabad and Shah Jamal Colony. Most famous places are Services Hospital and services Institute of Medical sciences. Camp jail and Punjab Institute of Cardiology is also located in this area. Shadman zip code is 54600.


Allama Iqbal Town

Allama Iqbal Town is spread over vast area and has different blocks including Huma, Zeenat, Jhanazeb, Neelam and various others. You must have heard about famous Gulshan e Iqbal park and Moon Market and both are located here. It is enclosed with different road and residential areas including Multan Road on one side and Wahdat road on the other side. Its other neighboring areas includes Samanabad, Sabzazar, Awan Town and Punjab University new campus. Allama iqbal Town zip code is 54570.


Township: 54770

Tonship os one of the largest residential schemes in Lahore. Its boundaries touch areas like Johar Town, Model Town, Green town. Famous Minhaj ul Quran University and other educational and learning institutes are founded here. Township are nereast areas zip code is 54770.


Lahore Cantt Zip code

Lahore Cantt is considered one of the posh and classy areas of city. Mamy famous personalities live here because of its safe and beautiful environment. Allama Iqbal International Airport and famous fortress stadium are located here. Lahore cantt has boundaries with DHA or defence housing Authority, Gulberg III, II, Bughalpura, Green city, Walton Cantt, Cavalry Ground and many other areas. Lahore Cantt ZIP code is 54810.

Mughal Pura

Mughal pura is old town of city is very famous for Railway workshops and railway stations. It’s surrounding areas including Baghbanpura, GT Road, University of Engineering and Technology or UET, Garhi Shahu, Dharampura and Lahore Railway Station. Mughal Pura Zip code is 54840.


Lahore Awan Colony 54780

Chah Miran: 54900

Walton: 54750

Ismail Nagar: 54760

Bhaban Pura: 54920

Shahdara: 54950

Multan Road: 54500



Karachi Zip Code


Lot of people search for zip code of Karachi Pakistan. But reality is that zip code is not used in Pakistan but in USA. You can use your postal code as zip code of your area. Postal codes are allocated by Pakistan Post Office. So weather your live in Gulshan e Iqbal, Malir, Gulistan e Jauhar, North Karachi, Clifton, Dha, Defence, New

Garden East, Sadder, Bahadurabad, Malir Cantt or any other area of Karachi just use postal code of your area. Postal codes of all famous areas of Karachi are given in another page of this site “Karachi Postal Codes”.


North Karachi Zip Code

Karachi city is divided into different parts including central, east, west, south and north. This is only administrative partition and has its own town councils and Nazims. Its boundaries touch Mangopir hills on the one side and Lyari River or Nadi on the other side. There are also many several areas are located here such as North Nazimabad, Gulberg and many others. It is very peaceful area to live and all communities live here with harmony and peace and respect each others. It has very famous hospitals, schools, colleges, Plazas, Roads, Government offices. Many well known people live here including sport men, politicians, religious scholars, business men and others. North Karachi zip code or postal code is 74600.


DHA Zip Code

Defence Housing Authority or simply called DHA is one of the posh and classy areas of Karachi. It is surrounded by water from many sides and is liked with all other Karachi areas. Administration of DHA has divided it into various phases from 1 to 9 for better organizational purposes. Prices of plots, houses, and commercial buildings are very high here comparatively with other areas of Karachi. There is lot of famous building, businesses hubs, offices, schools, colleges and road are located here. You already might have heard Korangi rd, Gizri, Zamzama, 26t avenue and many road here are called Khayaban or streets. If you are looking for zip code of DHA Karachi then first of all bear in mind that it is just postal code and in USA it is called Zip code. DHA Karachi zip code is 75500.


Clifton Zip Code

Clifton is very famous not only popular in all over Pakistan but also in other countries for its beaches. People come here from across the country with their kids and families to enjoy at Clifton beaches. There are lots of famous places located here including Teen talwar, Fish Aquarium, Dolmen Shopping Mall, Abdullah shah Ghazi, Mohatta Palace, Boat Basin, Bah e Ibne Qasim and many others. Clifton Karachi has boundaries with Kamari, DHA, Bath Island and many others. There also many famous residences are located here including Bilawal house and 70 Clifton. Well educational institutes including Szabists, Karachi grammar schools and many consulates and foreign mission offices are also found in Clifton. It is also famous for shopping plazas, shops, outlets and markets. Clifton Karachi zip code is 75600.


Gulshan e Iqbal Zip Code

Gulshan e iqbal has very populated but well managed and well built areas in Karachi. Ii is famous for many things including its residential parks, famous educational institutes, Alladin park, University of Karachi and many others. People including Sindhis, Punjabi, Pathans, Urdu Speaking and other live here with harmony. Gulshan e Iqbal is covered wide area and has boundaries and nearest areas are Karachi airport, Saddi Town, Shah Faisal Town, Karsaz, Liaquatabad, Fderal B Area, Bufferzone, North Nazimabad and others. Gulistan e Johar is also located in Gulshan e Iqbal. Its postal code is 75300.


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