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Pasta and noodles are very popular items all over the world but it was once a food only in China, Italy and some other parts of the world. Every one likes this special and light food including children. We have given here a complete method “Chicken Pasta Recipe in Urdu” and its ingredients. You can change its flavor by adding different kinds of vegetables, dry fruits, sauces and other things according to your taste. But if you like simple recipe then just use few necessary ingredients and single variety of veg.



Varieties of Pasta


You can make different varieties of Pasta at home. There are tens of ideas you can try but most popular and favorite are these.


Easy and Simple Pasta Recipe



  • Chicken Pasta

  • Simple Pasta

  • Vegetable Pasta

  • Cheese Pasta

  • Baked Pasta

  • White Sauce pasta

  • Italian Pasta

  • Creamy Pasta

  • Macaroni Pasta



Pasta Chicken Veg Ingredients


Pasta:                     Half Packet

Chicken boneless:    Half Kg

Cooking Oil:            2 Tbs

Chopped Onion:       1 medium sized

Mushroom / Cabbage / Capsicum:

1 cup

Spring Onion:                    1 (chopped)

Corn Flour:              2 tbs

Milk:                       250 ml

Tomatoes:               4 sliced

Bread Crumbs:        Half a Cup

Salt:                       As Required

Black Pepper:          Half tsp

Garlic:                     1 tsp (paste)

Cream:                   Half Cup

Parsley / Coriander / Basil Leaves:

¼ cup chopped



You can also add more ingredients for different flavors including Cheese, Macaronis, Cheese and many more.



Chicken Pasta Recipe


Chicken Pasta Recipe in Urdu









  1. First of all, boil half a packet of Pasta and leave it for minutes.

  2. Now heat cooking oil and put chicken slices and garlic.

  3. Stir spoon constantly until color of chicken becomes white.

  4. Now, add all types of vegetables that you want including onion, capsicum, cabbage or others.

  5. After that put cream, black pepper and salt and mix well.

  6. It is the time to add pasta which you have boiled already.

  7. Mix well milk and corn flour with a blender or any thing else.

  8. Now put this mixture in pan slowly and stir well.

  9. Turn off the stove, and leave for 5 minutes.

  10.  Sprinkle bread crumbs and tomato slices on the pasta and enjoy.


If you like baked pasta then just put this mixture of pasta into microwave oven for few minutes and it will give a different taste.




  • You can use any kind of vegetables as a mixture of pasta.

  • Various kinds of spices and sauces can give extra hot.

  • You should stir pasta immediately to avoid it stickiness.

  • Add pasta only water is fully boiled and use some salt also for good pasta.

  • Use fewer amounts of extra things including Chicken, vegetables or spices than pasta.





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