Chinese Chicken and Vegetable Rice Recipe in Urdu



 This Recipe of Chinese Chicken rice Recipe is for 1 glass of rice. But if you want to cook more rice then donít forget to increase other things accordingly. It is very easy and simple recipe and you will also cook like a professional chef in first time.


First of all Boil Chicken and remove bones. Make small pieces of that boiled chicken.

Donít waste chicken soup in which you have boiled chicken but it will be used later for making of chicken Chinese Rice.


Soak rice before and hour before cooking. And half boil rice for later use. You can use both Kachi and Paki basmati rice. But there would be a little difference in taste after cooking this recipe. Try to buy old long sized rice.



Put the peas to the boil because raw peas could not be used when cooking rice. Peas often take more time than other vegetables to cook such as Cabbage or capsicum.


Cut cabbage, capsicum and carrots in slices. Donít cook or boil for long time because it will make vegetable too much messy but in Chinese dish vegetables are used which are not extra soften.


Chinese Vegetable Rice



Chinese Rice Ingredients



Chinese Rice Ingredients


Rice:   1 Glass

Chicken (boneless): Half kg

Cabbage: small size

Carrot: 2

Peas: 125 gm

Capsicum: large sized

Soya sauce:5 tbs

Salt:  1 tsp

Pepper (Powder): 1 tsp

Chinese Salt: 1 tsp

Vinegar: 1 tsp

Cooking Oil: 4 tbs

Chicken Soup: 1 glass




Chinese Rice Recipe in Urdu




First of oil heat the cooking oil in some kind of frying pan and add Soya sauce.

Now add chicken and mix well so that it can absorb oil and Soya sauce.

Next things to add are spices including Salt, Black pepper (powder) and Chinese salt. Mix well all the ingredients.

Put all the vegetables including carrots, capsicum and cabbage except Peas.

Donít to forget to stir while you are adding spices and vegetables.

Continue cooking until the vegetables soften.

Add vinegar and some chicken soup but not full glass.

Cover the pan and give it time to cook about 5 minutes.

Now is the time to add boiled peas and half boiled rice.

 Put the remaining chicken soup and mix well.

 Cover the pan with some kind of cloth (dum) and leave for another 10 to 15 minutes but only on very slow flame.

 Chinese rice are cooked now. Enjoy this very spice and light dish. You can use any kind of chutni or tomato ketchup for extra flavor.




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