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Cooking is fun, art, technique and also a hobby. Indian and Pakistani cooking recipes are gaining more and more popularity day by all not in the local region but also in US, Canada, UK, Australia, Middle east and other parts of the world. new recipes are added frequently in this website. You can also submit your own recipe.



Zafran ke faide in Urdu


It is also called Saffron in some English. Check out here its recipes. You can also change its fillings for different taste.


Fry Fish Recipe in Pan

How to fry fish in a pa? Learn here best and easy way to do it without sticking fish.

How to Make Potato Salad?

Making potato salad is very easy. Kids love to eat these kinds of salad.


orange marmalade is favorite of all in home including kids. learn here complete recipe.

Ice Cream Recipes in Urdu

Difference between White Sugar and Brown sugar

know here difference of white and brown sugar, how to make homemade brown sugar and other details.


We have reviewed top food blogs of the world and choose 5 best from short list.

How to Eat Chia Seeds

There are lot ways to eat or drink chia seeds whole, cooked or grinded.


Whether you are baking, cooking or frying potato wedges, if these are not crispy your kids won't love to eat. Read here about how to bake crispy potatoes wedges.

samosa recipe in Urdu by chef zakir

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Cake Recipe in Urdu

Pizza Recipe in Urdu

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