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Here is recipe of Rasmalai in Urdu and English. Making tasty and tender Rasmalai is very simple but there are small little things you to need to be careful. Good, Tasty and soft Rasmalai depends on good tender Rabri, curdled milk, thick syrup or Chasni and little bit of care. Below you will learn how to make Rabri at home and How to curdle milk easily to make Rasmalai. Rusgulla and Rasmali are pretty much made in the same way.


 How to Making Rabri Recipe


How to Make Rabri for Rasmalai


First of All, Prepare Rabri which is also a form of milk and you can buy it from a store or you can also make at home very easily. It will be used later for Rasmalai and gives a special taste. Just cook milk for hours and it will become thicker and thicker slowly. Use Non Stick pan to cook milk for Rabri. Whether you are making Khoya or Rabri just use slow flame and do not stop your spoon or Whisk work until it fully prepared. A good Rabri is very thick kind of milk. After an hour, Add Sugar to this milk (Rabri) which will make it a little bit sweeter. Add also some cardamom (Elachi Powder) for nice essence. After few minutes, it is ready and keeps this aside until other things of Rasmalai are made.


How to Curdle Milk?


How to Make Paneer for Rasgulla


Curdle milk is used to make various kinds of Sweets including Rasmalai. There are different ways of making Curdle Milk in different parts of the world. You can use Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Yogurt and Orange juice.


Use 2 Liter of regular whole milk to make Rasmalai or Rasgulla. Whatever you are making, curdling milk is very important role in nice texture and taste. Letís learn here how to do it. Add few spoons of vinegar and water in a small bowl and mix well. Add this mixture in milk very slowly. You donít want to curdle milk too much. As soon as you add it in milk, it will curdle but keep moving your spoon or whisk. Now Paneer is separated from water. As you see the water clearly in pan, switch of the flame and add some ice cubes or freezing water in the pan. Because you want to stop the process of curdling here and want very soft cheese and ice will stop it here else you will have very hard kind of Paneer.


If the Cheese is very hard then the whole process of making Rasmalai or Rasgulla is useless. Now put all that curdled milk in Muslin (Malmal) or linen cloth and squeeze well until there is no drop of extra water left in Paneer. Rotate and press with your hands slowly so that water comes out. Or it is also a better idea to hand the Cloth of Paneer for an hour so all the water can drain out.


Now take a clean towel to rub Muslim cloth in which you have already put your Paneer. Just rub it with towel on any kind of surface. It will do 2 things. First is that it will remove any extra moisture and second is that you will find a nice dough or paste to make good kind of Rasmalai.



How to Make Sugar Syrup or Chasni / Shreera for Rasmali


How to Make Chasni for Rasmalai


To Make Syrup or Chasni /Sheera take 6 cups of Water and 1 Cup of Sugar. Important thing is that, you have to bring it to a boil on a high flame till you can see that the water is bubbling fully. Now take some green cardamom and add it also to give a nice flavor to Syrup.


Making and Cooking Balls for Rasmalai


Rasmalai Recipe in Urdu


Now take little bit of curdle milk that you have already make and make medium sized ball with your hands. Press it little bit and make it nice and soft ball but donít keep size very big. Because it will become larger than now after cooking and going into Syrup or Chasni. Just make sure that corners are not cracked.


Make at least 6 to 10 balls and add it into boiling syrup (not very thick) at once and cover the pan. Cook it for at least 4 to 5 minutes. These balls will become twice the size of its actual size after going and cooking into syrup. During cooking process syrup will become thick so that you can add some water after few minutes. We need consistency of water thinner and not thicker.


Now remove these rasgullas out of the syrup and squeeze so that some extra water come out. Put these rasgullas to bowl of Rabri and wait for and Ĺ hour.

You can sprinkle some crushed nuts (pistachios, Almonds, walnuts etc) to make Rasmalai more tasty.



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