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Maham name is used mostly in Muslim world and in history it was a name of Persian Queen which was so beautiful than people called her that she is like full moon. Due to this reason she was called Maham forever and people had used to name their daughter as this name. Maham Urdu meaning is “Chand ki Roshni” or “Chand ki Tarah”. We have compiled below full details about this names including its qualities, negativities, Career, Health issues and other personality traits.


چاند کی روشنی

چاند کی طرح 

Personality of Maham


Persons with this name are have very energetic mind and thinking is its make their character. These people don’t do everything by heart but prefer their mind first in everything such as their decisions, wishes, power etc. Actually it is Maham Mind which decides everything about her life.   These people are very good at humanitarian and generous deeds. Because they never hesitate to help and assist other, they can make friends and contact very easily than other people in our society. For this reason, everyone around them comes to them to seek support and help. They are also good at identifying feeling of their family members and friends and ready to give them advice.

Maham Personality is of a kind that they don’t like fights but like to reconciliation and peace with everyone. If some people around them are quarrelling then Maham can do anything to bring those people together. It is not only their words but also actions which are signs of good companions. A person with the name Maham thinks that they must interfere and do something to stop clashes. They are famous for their social behavior and have lot of friends or want to make more contacts. According to their nature because they always talk much, for this reason they must also think before saying anything or else it can creates troubles. Word “NO” is not in their dictionary and people around Maham take full advantage of that in everyday situation.

Naturally a person with the name Maham is very romantic, caring and kindhearted. They can give far better if appreciated and cheered on their studies, at job or business. Optimistic values are very helpful in making their career and their personality and a happy life finally. But they are can also get influenced easily by emotions and feelings of others. Actions of delaying or postponing something are their worst enemy. For this reason, achieving rights goals and aims can be difficult or even impossible.

Maham name is linked with Art, Drama and creativity. Self expressing acts are best performed by this person if trained properly. These persons like fashion to complete and excel their self-assurance. They like to spend freely and are not kind of person who is tight handed. But due to this habit others can also take advantage of their personality and in result they can spend a lot than their actual limit.

For good performance they must take care of their health and don’t forget to take full rest. They can have to face Loss of memory and other nervous problems in some stages of their life.

Person with the name “Maham” can do better in Finance, Designing, Educationist, professor, Lawyer and many others.


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