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Read here about meaning of “Rizwan” name in Urdu language. Rizwan is a boy name but also used for baby girls and sometimes spelled as Ridwan in different parts of the world. This is very famous Islamic names. “Rizwan” Name Origin is Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia. But it is now also poplar in Africa, Asia and other parts. This name “Rizwan” is mostly used by Muslims in Pakistan, India, Saudi Rizwan, Middle East, Europe, US and many other parts of the world.



Favorable colours:  Red and Violet

Stone:    Ruby

Lucky Number:     2, 7 and 9 


Name Meaning


Qualities: People with name Rizwan    breaks new ground, natural manager, self-determining, tough, optimistic, bold, full of life and inventive.

 Rizwan name meaning in Urdu:   rizwan urdu meaning

Rizwan Name Meaning in English:   Acceptance, Gate Keepers of Gates of Heavens



Famous People with name “Rizwan”

Rizwan Moazzam: top bridal dress designer

Rizwan Beyg: is also a one of the best fashion designer

Rizwan Qadri: a Papolar Naat Khawan

Rizwan Razi: a Journalist

Rizwan khan: British TV New Reporter

Rizwan Khan or Riz: is British Actor and Rapper

Rizwan Sadiq: A top Architect



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