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Thanks to new technologies, Banking is very easy now a day with Internet Banking. Askari bank also has introduced inet banking for customers who want online or net banking. Customers can control, online checking account is easy just from their computer or mobile. There is no need of a new account for inet but is very easy if you have already a saving account, debit card or credit card. You can check your account balance online through online bank account.


Helpline Number

You can only use Askari Bank inet banking if you already have account with debit card. Askari Bank inet service is free for all customers. And if you have bank account but donít have visa debit card then first apply at your nearest branch to get your card. With Askarni bank internet or inet banking you can get more information from Helpline 111-000-787.


  • Pay your utility bills

  • Check online account statement / account balance check

  • You can transfer fund to other account in same bank

  • Can make mobile payment


iNet Registration

if you donít have Askari Bank iNet account and want a new one then start internet banking by registration. You have to fill an online account form and provide information such as your CNIN Number Login ID, Email, Mobile number, secret Answer, etc. Once inet registration process is completed, yo will receive inet activation email or call at askari bank helpline number 111-000-787. If you have forgotten or lost you password or ID then contact with your bank as soon as possible to secure your account.

iNet Banking


Top 10 Internet Banking Security Tips

  1. Never tell or share your bank account ID, Password to anyone else.

  2. Donít use your ATM, credit cards or Debit cards in front of every one.

  3. Make long password with mixture of alphabets, upper and lower case letter and numbers.

  4. Never use your name, city or you mobile number in your internet banking account or password.

  5. Always update your anti virus and update your computer frequently.

  6. Never open an unfamiliar email.

  7. Donít forget to logout after opening your bank account online.

  8. Regularly check your account online, almost once in 24 hours and remember check account balance.

  9. Donít open you online bank account when sites like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter are also opened.

  10. Never reply to emails asking you about your credit card/ debit cards, free online bank account check or free checking account online kind of sms and emails from unknown sources and not form your bank.



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