ABC Juice -  Chukandar ka Juice Benefits

Here is a Miracle Juice which is Called ABC Juice. It means you have to mix Apple, Carrot and Chukandar. know more about Chukandar ka juice banane ka tarika and benefits in Urdu.

This Miraculous Juice has 3 main and full of energy fruits which provides you all necessary ingredients. If you drink this juice for few months then you will see some changes not on your face but inside your. You should drink this juice on daily bases.

This Juice was first started from China but is very famous now all over the world because of it is full of benefits.

Apple, Carrot and Beetroot / Chukandar Ka Juice Banane Ka tarika

  1. Take One large Size Apple, One Beetroot or Chukandar and a Mediam Size Carrot.

  2. Now Was all these so that it is totally clean and have no dirt.

  3. Don't Peel these fruits. Just cut and put into Juicer.

  4. You can also add few drops of lemon Juice and a spoon of honey to change taste.

When Should I drink this Juice.

  1. You should drink ABC juice in morning before eating anything else.

  2. Or You can also drink at night before going to bed and before eating your Dinner.

  3. Take this juice at least for 3 months regularly.










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