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Usually it is said that fashion model could not become good actresses but beautiful, attractive and gorgeous Arij Fatyma proves this theory totally wrong. She made her debut from drama “Hazaroon Saal” and her performance was so impressive that every one wants to cast her in their next projects. Every one also said about her that Areej Fatyma is a beginning of new actresses in Pakistan. Her fans are in millions from around the world and she is now in top models and actresses of Pakistan. She has not only beautiful face but also very impressive personality too.



Areej has appeared in many dramas playing in various private channels and she perform each role so confidently and professionally that people say her with character name and everyone talks about her. She already has played different roles from a very simple girl to mod girl. Her fans like here role of “Romi” in drama “Pagal Si Larki”. Character of Roomi was very different type in her career till now and she enjoyed a lot during this project. She’ll never forget this role in her whole life because of its uniqueness and simplicity. Her famous dramas are “Ham Nasheen” and many others. It was totally a challenging project for her and she said that it was very interesting and she learnt a lot from her fellows during this projects. Presenting a character like “Mehr un Nisa” was very difficult. She also learned that how women have to give sacrifices for her family. But on the other hand, she personally likes changes. She doesn’t want to play such roles again that she has already played. Areej like to play new type of negative or positive roles with strong script.

  • Hazaroon Saal

  • Kis Din Mera Viyah Howay Ga

  • Sabz Qadam

  • Mahi Aye Ga

  • Mar Jain Bhi to Kya

  • Humnasheen

  • Who

  • Aik Pagal si Larki

  • Gumaan

  • Aik Pall


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Areej Fatyma was born on 2 November 1989 at Carolina America. She had never thought to work in showbiz in her early life. But she wants to become a lawyer. She never thought to become a model or an actress. Her career started from a bridal photo shoot for one of her cousin. She believes that it is our fortune which plays a role in our career. Arij said in an interview that her family fully supports her in this career and she also tries to keep in with limits and lines of our culture. She doesn’t like much ramp walk but she loves photo shoots. She would definitely select acting rather than modeling if have to choose only one. She has worked in almost all fields of showbiz and is now on final field. She also stated that there is no any of her favourite director and she also has not any “Wish List” but she can work with all good directors.

Arij says that she is not fond of watching films but if she has a opportunity to work in remake of movie “Devdas” then definitely she want to play “Paro” of Shah Rukh Khan. She thinks that Leighton Meester is most stylish actress and is also her role model. Areej has only two hobbies in her off days, sleeping and shopping. She likes to spend her vacation in Malaysia and she loved this place very much. She also believes that real beauty is inner and not outer. She can cook very tasty and delicious recipes of every type of food. She likes every thing that has cheese in it. Arij is very punctual, very intelligent and also is very beautiful. She is also very straight forward kind of girl and for this reason her style is very simple and classic. She like to wear long shirts and not like much today’s fashions trends. She advised to all those youth who want to become in showbiz that first of all you should complete your education and never forget your culture and values.


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Mehreen Jafri Syed

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