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Nida Yasir is famous actress, host and model as well. She is married with Yasir Nawaz who is also a good tv actor. They have three children, 2 sons and a cute daughter. Nida is daughter of famous TV personality Kazim Pasha. She is a beautiful, versatile and talented actress and can play any role perfectly and very easily. In her career, she has given many hit tv dramas, commercials and is now a days she prevails in morning shows and people are crazy to know more about her date of birth, biography, facebook page, age, family background, wedding and other pics, kids, home and about her sister. We have gathered here brief information here about all details that you want to know about Nida Yasir.


Nida Yasir Facebook Page

This is official facebook page of page of Nida yasir. Her facebook has more than 1 Lac likes and you can find here all information about here including pics, latest updates, photos, videos and much others. Nida and yasir has made a tour to Europe and also send their tour pics with family. You can see here that how happy the family is during the trip to Turkey and some other European countries. All the Family enjoy a lot during the trip to Turkey and strolled a lot.

Nida Yasir also has posted here pics from famous tv show “Nadaniyan” with Yasir Nawaz, Danish Nawaz and other actress. This funny tv drama serial has millions of fans not only from Pakistan but from India, middle east and lot of other countries. You can also see here lot of family pics from different occasions and venues for last few years. Nida has posted here photos of her Mother’s birthday and you can see that all family is gathered here to celebrate Mom’s birthday. She is looking very beautiful in her Walima and other wedding pics. Family also celebrates their wedding anniversaries every year and see here wedding pics of her Mehndi, Barat, Walima and others. She is lot of friends and one of here best friends is Javeria Saud and Sahiba. She has also posted here photos from her poplar show “Good Morning Pakistan”.


Nida Yasir New Baby Son and Other Kids

Youngest son name is Balaj and his nick name is cutoo, daughter Silah and a son Fareed. Nida Yasir’s New baby son is “Balaaj”. She has 3 children, 2 sons and 1 daughter. You can see her new baby pics at different sites and Nida’s official facebook page. Nida and Yasir Nawaz are spending a very calm and happy life with their 3 children. They also have made foreign trips during vacations. They have chosen their daughter name “Silah” and elder son name “Farid Yasir”. Almost media and including TV and Newspapers have broadcasted this news. Endless stream of people were reached here home to congratulate her for a cute son.

Nida also has taken here all children in many tv morning shows. They 3 are already very famous and stars but currently they are only focusing on their studies. Nida and Yasir have planned to give better education and manners. Her name before wedding was Nida Pasha. Her father is a famous TV director and producer and he has directed and produced many hit tv dramas and serials. You here new born bay and other kids pictures here. You here new born bay and other kids pictures here.



Nida Yasir Pics / Photos

Nida Yasir is not only successful actress, model and host but a very good director and producer. She has produced many hit tv dramas for different private tv channels. Definitely she is very versatile and has now lot of experience. Nida yasir is famous for here natural beauty, Impressive personality, hard work and friendly behavior. She is very successful in her career and in married life also. Her name comes in the list of most beautiful and top actresses in Pakistan. We can also say that “She is real glory of TV”. We have gathered here some sites where you can see here family pics, wedding photos and kids pictures.

Nida Yasir Wedding Pics

Although there are tens of sites where you can Nida Yasir Photos but If you are looking for Nida Yasir’s wedding photos then there is no other best place than this one. You can find here pics of Nida Mehndi, Barat, Walima and other pictures with Yasir Nawaz. She is looking very charming, beautiful and well dresses in here wedding Pics. This site also has other wedding photos of Aysha khan, Sanam Baloch, Mikaal Zulfiqar, Ainy Jaffri, Aiza Khan, Maya Ali and many other celebrities.

Nida Yasri Family Pics

Nida is living a happy life with here Husband Yasri Nawaz and three children including Balaaj, Silah and Fareed Nawaz. You can find here Nida’s Photos with here family members including kids, Hubby, her mother and father and with other relatives incuding sisters, brother in law and others.


Date of Birth / Age

Nida Yasir looks more beautiful now than ever and she looks younger than her real age. When you see her face, you think her a teen agar and she looks also younger and gorgeous without makeup also. Her face has not age spots, winkles or freckles. That’s why, no one can judge her real age. Nida Yasir date of birth is 12 October 1973. Yasir Nawaz is 2 or 3 years older than her. Although we can see clearly that she is now over weight than some year ago. But these some extra kilos made her more stunning. In short, Nida is now more popular, more good-looking and has now millions of fans not only from Pakistan but from also from around the world.



Nida Yasir has Two sisters and one of her sister is also a famous tv personality. Her Mom is a house wife and all her family gathered frequently on various occasions or after few days. Nida’s sister name is Sina Ali and she is married. Her other sister is Sawera Pasha and she has also worked in some tv dramas.


Nida Yasir House

Nida Yasir is living in a very beautiful home with her Husband Yasir Nawaz and her 2 sons and a daughter. She is living a life that any girl can imagine. Many people want to know about her home and where she lives in Karachi and what is her address. As you know, She is a famous celebrity and disclosing Nida Yasir’s home address is not a wise decision for security reasons of her whole family y without her permissions. But we hope that she will submit some pictures of her beautiful home on facebook page. Anyhow, we know that she loves her home very much and most of the interior design and decoration is also idea of her thoughts. She always cares for her family and also for her house.




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