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Saba Qamar is one of the most famous actress and model in Pakistan. You can see here somewhere as a very innocent simple kind of girls and else where as vibrant and humorous. She is naturally this kind of versatile nature which makes here unique from other actresses of these days. She can play any kind of role with here strong performance. Bold, fearless and disciplined Saba Qamar loves here work and she also like to accept challenges. For these reason Saba has already performed many different type of roles from the start of her career. She also played comedy and negative roles also. Because she don’t want to look herself only particular actresses who can do only one type of characters. She has given many top dramas including Maat, Pani Jaisa Payar, Jo chalay tu Jahan say Guzar Gaey, Aasia, Yahan Payar Nahin Hey, Thakan and Ham sub Umeed Sey Hain. She is quite satisfied with here fame and life but many successes and joys are on her way. And She is also passionate with better tracking of moving forward and dedication with her work.

Saba Qamar’ mother if from Syed family and father is of Bokhari Family from Karachi. Her childhood traingin started from Karachi. She lost love of her father in just age of 3 year so that her mother cam back to Hometown Gujranawala. She was very young when here father passed away. After that her mother gave them love of mother and care of father too. All her brother and sister spend a good childhood. Her elder brother was very caring. She was very dear to everyone because Saba was younger of all. She was full of life and want to enjoy every moment of life from start. She was also very good at her studies. For this reason any one in my family never has differences with me.

Saba Qamar’s mostly childhood was passed in Gujranawala and her mother shifted to Lahore for higher education of her children. Saba was fond of acting from her childhood. But she came to showbiz by chance. Saba went to see shooting in a production house with her friend and there her friend’s sister saw some potential in Saba and she offered her for work. And Saba was already fond of acting so jumped and she got a chance to test her talent. Her first drama was “Mein Hoon Aik Aurat” from PTV.

In an interview Saba Qamar said that Principles of our society of are very curious. We like to watch Actors and actresses from tv and every one follows their fashion, dresses and hair style but when some ones family girl came to this field then every one disagree with that. My most of relatives declared my choice wrong and also force me to come back. I was not going to stop. I knew that the way forward is my destination. But trust of my mother and brother was with me. Despite the opposition of many people, she remained steadfast. She always tries to keep distance from Scandals and never hurt family’s trust on her.

Saba Qamar said that good and bad people are every where and criticizing on specific field would be wrong. Media and Showbiz is a kind of field in which every thing is in front of you. For this reason people criticized you. But if some girl is annoying her parent and people accept her as good girl. People stamp every girl as bad character from showbiz. Our society is intolerant. And our standards each and every segment of society is separate.

Saba Qamar started here career as an actress just in the age of 19 years. And it was her good luck that she found opportunity to work with famous producers, directors and actors. But she got lot of fame from “Hum Sab Umeed Say Hain” from Geo TV. But hosting and acting in this kind of program was very challenging. She has to give her 100%. During this program she realized that make people laugh is very tough job. Because whether you are sick, tense or in bad mood, you have to give your fresh and funny look in front of Camera. But on the other hand, you have lot of margin in serious acting. You can’t do comedy without commitment and hard work. “Hum Sab Umeed Sey Hain” is one of the most successful but hardest projects.



After this she got opportunities to work in various mega projects and dramas. Now she wants to play some different type of role. And she has to play “Sanam” role in drama “Maat”. She accepted this role immediately. Although it was a negative role but she wants to do it. People liked this role very much and this also gave her more fame and made here more versatile.

  • Bunty I Love You
  • Dastaan
  • Digest Writer
  • Isteraab
  • Jaanam
  • Maat
  • Mishaal
  • Miss Fire
  • Na kaho Tum Meri Nahin
  • Na Kutro Pankh Mere
  • Olu baray farokht Nahin
  • Pani Jaisa Payar
  • Sannata
  • Thakan
  • Timmy G
  • Uraan
  • Yahan Pyar nahin Hey

Saba Qamar cannot continue her further education after Graduation because she has started acting in very young age. But she always likes to read books in free time. She likes to read Shakespeare and Paulo Coelho and in Urdu she likes Bano Qudsia and Umera Ahmad. Al Chemist and Pir e kamil are those books which change here way of thinking. Her favourite subjects are Psychology and literature. Artists have very touching hearts and learn much from reading and observations. She has learned much from characters in these books.

People think that Saba is full of life and they are quite right in this. There was very fluctuation in nature of Saba Qamar and for this she started Yoga Classes. She is taking Yoga classes for last 3 years. Now she has more strong thinking and stability in her life.

Luck is always with her and perhaps it is her luck that she is given various remember able performance from the beginning of here career. But she wants to do more better work as an artist. She takes every project very seriously and tries to give here 100%. She is doing here dream project which is directed by Sarmad Sultan Khosat. And he recommended this role for Saba Qamar only.

In an interview to a famous Urdu newspaper Saba Qamar declared that marriage is a very important decision of life and no one should do it in hurry and she also believes that you cant get any thing before its proper time. So, she’ll get married at proper time. But there are lot rumors on social media these days about her wedding. She also said that wedding is a turning point in someone’s life. She’ll never hide her marriage from any one. She wishes that her life partner should be a true person.

She is very satisfied with here life and is spending her ideal life. She has all a person can thinks including loving family, fame, career of choice and love from million of people.

Award Shows are very important to admire work of artists. But these awards should be given only on merit. In Pakistan there are very fewer awards shows are arranged and no one cares about merit. Awards are given on face value and personal like. Criteria should be only performance.

She is proud to be a Pakistani and never wish to work in Indian Films. No foreign channel is playing any Pakistani Drama but we are watching Indian and Turkish dramas every day. No one knows our legends in India. On the other hand one any of third class actors comes to Pakistan form India then Pakistani media and people give him much importance.



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