Sonia Name Meaning in Urdu

Name Meaning in Urdu

سونیا - عقلمند لڑکی، سوجھ بوجھ رکھنے والی لڑکی

Lucky Number


Lucky Stone

عقیق، نیلم

Favorable Colors

Black and Blue


They like uniqueness in every aspects of life. They want to understand Mysteries and secrets of life very deeply.

Famous People

Sonya Hussain (A TV Hot, Model and Actress from Karachi Pakistan)

Sonia (famous Singer from UK)

Meaning in English

Wise Girl, Intellegint and Creative


Sonia Name is equally popular all over the world in all ethnicities and cultures including Islam. You can find this name “Sonia” in Pakistan, India, Russia, Europe and America as well. It is also an ancient name is mostly found in Iranian history.  Intellectual, Creative, Brilliant etc.

This name points to the person that she is very exceptionally very intelligent and have creative mind and can success in those fields such as competitive exams, arts, engineering and others.

Sonia is also very Papular Name and girls like it very much. It is trendy these days in Paksitan and also in India. This name was also very popular between 1966 to 1971.








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