Urwa Name Meaning in Urdu

Name Meaning in Urdu

ساتھ دینے والا، ہاتھ بٹانے والا اور والی

Lucky Number

3 - 7

Lucky Stone


Favorable Colors

Yellow and Green


Full of expressions and get emotional very quickly on

Famous People

Urwa Hocane (VJ, Mode and Actress from Karachi Pakistan)

Meaning in English

Wise Girl, Intellegint and Creative
History Urwa Ibn ul Zubayar was famsou Muslim Scholar, and Historian of Jurist of Fiqh and Hadith in Islamic Golden Age


Urwa Name Meaning in Urdu is mentionied above. Here are more details about it. Although these days most of the people thinks that it is female name but actually history tells us that this name is used for boys. You will find this name from early days of Islam. Urwa Ibne Zukrya was famous Muslim Scholar.

Urwa Name is only known in Muslim world and is quit unfamiliar in Europe, America, India or other parts of the world. These days this name gain popularity due to a famous TV star Urwa Hocane which is now working for different areas of showbiz.








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