Ufone Sim Lagao Offer 2017


Ufone sim lagao offer 2017 is for those customers who are not using yani "Band Sim" their number for specific period of time. Ufone offer them best packages at very cheap rate or free calls and lot of sms and mobile internet.

These offers are made for each month with different benefits. Keep touch with ufone every month if you have not used your ufone sim number for few months.

Members can make free calls from u to u for a whole month with out any extra charges. But remember that you can’t make free calls to other mobile networks including Telenor, Warid , Zong, Jazz or any other or international calls.

Ufone Sim Lagao Offer

  • یکم دسمبر  سے غیر استعمال شدہ یوفون سم ابھی واپس لگائیں۔

  • ٹوٹل  1500 منٹس بالکل مفت

  • روزانہ  100 مفت استعمال کر سکتے ہیں۔

  • یہ آفر 15دن کے لیے ہے۔

  • اسکے علاوہ 50روپے یا اس سے زیادہ ریچارج پر

     50 منٹس اور50  SMS بلکل مفت حاصل کریں۔


Ufone sim lago offer code

You can subscribe ufone sim wapis lagao offer with simply sending “sim” message to 5000 OR you can also dial number *5000# after inserting your sim in your mobile.

You should read all terms and conditions carefully before using ufone sim lagao offer.  Offer or free calls and packages validity are normally for a month or more.

So always check your balance after few days, a week or on monthly basis.


Use given free minutes within validity days.

Validity period for sms and internet are also applicable.

You have to recharge your account balance some times.

Free minutes are sms are transfers into customer account balance in few minutes.

Free minutes are only for u to u and sms can be used on other networks.

Federal taxes and with holding taxes are also applicable.


  • Although calls from u to u are free but you have to pay Rs. 0.10 as a tax for per call. So, as many calls you will make, you will pay Rs. 0.10 more for each call.

  • First confirm starting date of sim lago offer. It means that when you last used your sim. Read all terms and conditions of ufone for this offer before applying for free mobile minutes.

  • Sim Lagao offer is for specific dates only. 

  • Customers from Islamabad, Azad Jamu and Kashmir, Balochistan, FATA , Gilgit and Baltistan have to pay extra 0.84 percent on different kinds of services.

  • You can check whether sim lagao offer is available for your or not by writing a message to number 5000 or dail *5000# from you ufone mobile number. You will immediately receiver a confirmation message about all free calls and free internet or sms.

  • You can use your free mobile calls and sms or net after almost 2 hours of call or sms to 5000. Or just wait for reply from ufone about this offers. Don’t make calls before that message.

  • Know more about fifty u to u free calls minutes by calling at helpline number.

  • Validity period of this offer ends at 12 midnight and start for next 24 hours at same time.

  • How to check your remaining minutes? You can check your remaining free minutes by calling a code *707# from you ufone sim. You have to pay standard charges to make this call.

  • Customers will have to pay other charges ar per rates of packages or calls tariff.

  • Federal excise duty is 19.5% plus other charges on recharge will apply.

  • Apply for only that sim which is registered at you name. You can apply for as many sims as you want.  


Sim lagao offer for months of:

  1. January

  2. February

  3. March

  4. April

  5. May

  6. June

  7. July

  8. August

  9. September

  10. October

  11. November

  12. December


Question - Answers


  1. Q. Can I use sim for sim lagao offer that is not on my name?

A. It is not legal to use any mobile phone sim that is not registered on your name. Just apply only sims which are registered on your name an cninc number.

  1. Q.  How to check whether my sim number meets condition or not?

A. You can check about your ufone sim number by sending a message to 5000 to by calling a code *5000# from your mobile.

  1. Q.  My number is closed from 20 days. Can I Apply for this offer?

A.  You can only enjoy sim lagao offer if you meets all terms and condition by Ufone Company or else you have to wait for next month offer.

  1. Q.  How many Free Calls, Internet and sms for this package?

A.  All telecom companies are offering this type of packages for their customers and free minutes are far better than before. Just call at helpline number to know details about ufone sim lagao offer.

  1. Q.  Can I dial 5000 with out any balance?

A.  No, you have to pay taxes and other charges to make this call or any other calls to ufone numbers. So if you want to apply for this offer then you must have some balance in your sim number.

  1. Q. can i use this offer for more than 5 days?

A.  Currently this is only for selected days but we hope that ufone will increase days of usage for more than a week at least for a month or more so that every one can get real benefit from these type of packages.

  1. Q. I have sim which I am not using for more thatn 5 months. But ufone sim lagao offer is not working on it. What should I do?

A.  You should get further help from your nearest ufone franchise or call to helpline number to further assistance.

  1. Q.  Can I use my free calls and minutes immediately after sending message to ufone or should it wait for their reply?

A.  Yes, You should wait at least 2 hours or for confirmation message by ufone after applying for ufone sim lagao offer.

  1. Q.  what about free sms, internet and call minutes after validity period?

A.  You cant do nothing with your free minutes after validity period or time. All these offers will be closed automatically. So better way is that just use these free calls and sms packages to other ufone numbers.

  1. Q.  What should I do if this offer is not active on my mobile number?

A. If you are apply for sim lagao offer and receive not any reply from ufone company or inactive message then your sim number do not meets requirements for this offers.

  1. Q.   Thanks I have availe this offer but what about balance I have in my sim?

A.   If you aer making calls from u to u then all calls amd messages are free but if you are making calls to telenor, zong, warid or to other countries then you will have to pay charges as per rates according to tariff.

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