Warid SMS Packages Monthly Activation Details

 Get here full details about Warid SMS Packages. This includes, zem, glow, postpaid, bundle and other. There is a variety of packages from which you can select according to your needs including daily, weekly or monthly.

Rates are very low that every one can afford these easily. These sms could be used in all other networks in Pakistan or activate international sms bundle to send messages to other countries including Saudi Arabia, UK, Dubai etc. Its most favourite sms packages are weekly and monthly and are equally poplar in students and businessmen.

Both Activation and deactivate is very easy and need to just enter a short code to subscribe and unsubscribe.  

Warid Glow SMS Packages

 Warid Glow is most famous among youth of Pakistan because it offers best packages and call and sms bundles for every one. These are for all whether they want to share long stories or short words or they like to chat with friends for hours.

How to Activate Warid Glow SMS Packages?

You can activate warid glow sms package by these ways:

  • Daily Bundle 1: send sms “Glow 500” to 7777 at rate of Rs. 1.5 for 500 msg.

  • Daily 2: send sms “Glow 400” to 7777.  Rate for 400 messages is for Rs. 3.

  • Weekly: write message “Glow 1000” and send it to 7777. Use 1000 msgs for price of Rs. 8/-.

By doing it you will shortly receive a confirmation message from company about activation and other details. These all bundles will be activated automatically so if you don’t need any more then just deactivate. Some of these are only offered on just “Super Dosti Package”. Don’t forget to check your remaining sms balance because free sms has limit and you will be charged extra if you use more than you validity or limit. Validity period ends at 12 midnight daily.


Warid Glow Monthly Package

A huge sms bungle with 10 thousand sms in one month. Say all that your want to say. Rate of this package is very cheap but messages are huge. This is called “SMS Supreme”.

To activate this monthly package send sms “MS: to 3333. Charges or rate of this bundle is Rs. 60 for per month.


How to Deactivate glow bundle?

If you don’t need sms package or bundle or any offer from Warid then deactivate it or these will recursive or will start again next day. To deactivate just send “SMS Off” and send it to 7777.


Warid SMS Bundle

Warid brings a new sms bundle package from which you can send messages to any network or number in Pakistan at very low rate. Below is a complete detail of this package. These packages are available only for prepaid customers.


Package Name


Sms Quantity

Validity Period

Daily SMS

Rs. 3.5/-


One Day

Weekly SMS

Rs 7/-

1 Thousand

1 Week


How to Activate?

for subscription into this bundle you have to send a code to warid telecom. After this, you will receive a message to start this package.

  • For daily SMS just send sms “DS” to 3333.

  • For weekly sms package write sms “WS” and then send it to 3333.


How to Unsub or Deactivate Warid SMS Packages?

These all package do not deactivate automatically but it always refresh daily or on your next recharge so don’t forget to unsubscribe if no required anymore.

To deactivate daily and Weekly sms Bundle write sms “SMS Off” and send to 3333.

 Warid SMS Package Check Code

Every package is validity or limited. Once you reached or cross your limit then your will have to pay extra charges for each sms. So remember to check your remaining balance or sms quantity. It is done by sending a special code to Warid. You will receive a message reply about remaining sms. Just dial code *200*2# and press dial button from you mobile but remember to do it from Warid sim only if you have 2 or more sim mobile phone.


Warid Postpaid Sms Packages

If you are a postpaid member of warid then you can choose from wide range of bundles. All these packages are different rates, minutes and validity period. 30% saving is offered on all fnf or friends and family numbers. all customers have to pay 19.5% Federal Excise duty and 15% with holding tax on all recharge. You can add maximum 5 friends and family members on each sim number. Tariff are set for 30 seconds. All rates and charges are subjected to change when every company required doing it. You can pay your bills through scratch cards, debit or credit cards, eBills.


  1. On Net SMS  0.50

  2. Off Net SMS: 1.00

  3. International SMS: 5.00

  4. MMS: 3:00

  5. GPRS for per 64 kb: 1.20


Warid Weekly SMS Packages

  • Warid Weekly sms packages include total 1 thousand sms which you can use in 7 days or a week.

  • Weekly SMS package will cost you Rs. 7 + tax for 1000 sms in a week. Its means 1 rupee per day.

  • How to activate weekly sms bundle? You can subscribe or activate by just writing a message “WS” then send to number 3333.

  • How to Deactivate Warid Weekly Sms Package? If you want to end ur unsubscribe this bundle then jus send a little msg “sms off” and send to 3333. It will deactivate you package.

  • Weekly sms package is only for prepaid customers and not for postpaid members.

  • If you send more than 1 thousand messages in a week then you will have to pay charges for each sms. So be careful and check reaming sms balance frequently.

  • But on the other hand, weekly package will start again automatically after 7 days. You don’t have to activate every time. It is recursive package which means it will continue till you manually unsubscribe form it.


Warid Daily SMS Packages

If you are daily user of messages then this package is for you. This is mostly favourite among student and other people all over Pakistan.

  • Warid Daily Sms Package has total 5 hundred sms which you can send in 24 hours or in a single day at different networks and numbers.

  • Its price is Rs. 3.5 + tax for each day and can use 500 sms from single sim number.

  • Validity period for this daily sms package is is of 24 hour.

  • Next day it will automatically activated and you don’t need to subscribe next day.

  • How to subsribe on Daily sms package? You can activate warid daily sms package very easily and simply. Just write message “DS” and then send to 3333.

  • If you want to stop or deactivate this package then send msg “sms off” to 3333. It will end your package for next day.

  • If you use more than 500 sms in day, then you will have to pay extra money for each message you are sending. So keep checking your remaining balance.

  • Or warid will deactivate your daily or any other package if you don’t have any balance or amount in you sim.


Warid Monthly SMS Packages

If you need a large number of sms packages for whole month then warid bring a monthly package for you. Its name is “SMS Craze.

  1. This packages has 5 thousand sms which a member can use in one month period and can send to any number inside Pakistan.

  2. It has other feature also. You can also use 10 MB of Internet for free with this packages including downloading and uploading in limit.

  3. How to activate for monthly sms package? You can subscribe by dialing a number 321.

  4. Charges for warid monthly package are Rs. 150 including taxes.

  5. With this package you can not only send sms but also mms to any number.

  6. You can’t send international sms or mms from SMS Craze.

  7. You will avail this package every month automatically after each month.

  8. know more about monthly sms package by calling at warid helpline number.


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